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well, it looks like I’ve been a bit busier than even I thought…since I was told that all my posts disappeared this morning :sad
I actually had 3 nights off this last week, had plans of getting things taken care of around here that I’ve been avoiding waiting for my days off to do…thats what I get for planning things…
I got a call Monday night from my boss…

“T, (yes, she really calls me that) what are you doing tomorrow?”
Me: not much, what’s up?
boss: Durant got some new computers at both properties down there that they would like you to set up, and McAlester also has a new system that they need done…you interested?
Me: you’re kidding, right? of course…never ask a geek if they ‘want’ to work on computers, of course they do! *g*
boss: I figured as much, also figured you could use the extra money (laughs) and I know you T, you do this one on the company, not just cause you get a kick out of it!

so….that’s what I’ve been up to this week :biggrin only problem was, once I got everyone taken care of and set up, 2 of the 3 didn’t want to cooperate on doing payroll (and thats got to be done Monday!) so had to go back to 1 in Durant and the one in McAlester and fix that little problem.
The REALLY good part of this, is I’ve ‘proved’ myself to the higher ups in corporate, so my boss said to be expecting allot more of this sort of thing to come my way…it seems I’m the only one out of 10 properties that the owner has, that know how to do it, and do it right…
now, if I could only get them to let me build them some GOOD computers, instead of trying to make the p.o.s. that they’ve been getting (rebuilt) to work right!
all this, just in time for EOM shit…oh fun…well, maybe I’ll get a day off this week to rest up from it! :rofl

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  1. Just don’t let them take advantage of you ~ well hell who am I talking too? You won’t let them do that LOL Congrats girl it is about time the “higher” up’s realized what a gem we all already know you are!!

  2. WOW…and I thought MY week was bad. I’m glad it all worked out. Thanks for resizing that picture in your “spare” time! Good for you…establishing your credentials with the company!

  3. well, I for one, miss ya!! I’m sure there are one or two more other people out there that miss havin’ ya online too………but just wanted ya to know that I’m one of them!!!!

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