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So, it seems to me from reading this…that our Goverment KNEW a hurricane was going to hit…AND had been asked for help by the local and state authorities…
yet, it still took them 4 days to do anything about it?? :wtf
FFS, Wal-Mart got their trucks in there yet, no one else could manage to get in there to help these people??
And it just astounds me, the lengths some people will go to defend this man. :shakehead
I’m just at a loss for words…maybe the rest of what I’m trying to say will come to me later.
if not…what she had to say is worth reading anyway

The President shall form emergency support teams of Federal personnel to be deployed in an area affected by a major disaster or emergency. Such emergency support teams shall assist the Federal coordinating officer in carrying out his responsibilities pursuant to this Act. Upon request of the President, the head of any Federal agency is directed to detail to temporary duty with the emergency support teams on either a reimbursable or nonreimbursable basis, as is determined necessary by the President, such personnel within the administrative jurisdiction of the head of the Federal agency as the President may need or believe to be useful for carrying out the functions of the emergency support teams, each such detail to be without loss of seniority, pay, or other employee status.

2 Replies to “we knew, why didn’t they?”

  1. I finally read the links after we talked and stated we “agreeded to disagree”, however, I still fill strongly that things stated in the comentaries that you are sharing are true. Yet what is lacking is the fact that Clinton ADMITTED and STILL ADMITTS he dropped the ball about 9/11 and he was busy taking funds AWAY from our military that if 9/11 happened in his administration we’d had not the funds to defend ourselves and do your really want to imagine our lives under “terroist control”? Funds were cut, every administration does that, as far as the leeves, in the state of La that we are hearing so much about and it turning rascial, has STILL BILLIONS of dollars LOCALLY that could and SHOULD be alloted to their residents. However, let us not forget La was not the only state affected and devistated of mother natures wrath!!! Yet focus is on the state, in comparision, far and large, richer in government spendagers than any other state!!!! The FIRST DAY after the disater, President Bush stood up, as you pointed out in his ranch on vacation and stated relief was not happening as fast as it should!! Yet funny, everyone is quick to say “he was on vacation”, okay fine what he isn’t allowed to come home???? How anti american is that? Yet when he goes home, hell if he goes to the bathroom, he has a media frenzy following every step of the way. Bottom line is, regardless your / yours issues with the President and as much as I know you wish he wasn’t for your own personal causes ~ blame lies everywhere to include each every American’s backyard!!! This is not a cross the President bares alone and anyone believes that, in my humble opinion, just shows ignorance! It is every politicians fault that knew the leeves wouldn’t hold ~ end of story period! Althought we don’t agree and never will I do understand to a degree!

  2. Oh addition, I just read the commentary from Ann Rice you have linked. New Orleans has always been referred to “Sin City” not one has ever turned their backs on them then and surely not NOW!!! On the news tonight, two states have taken 1000 people, another stated 13000 people and Texas alone from New Orleans has taken in 230,000 people. That is NOT turning your back on “sin city”!

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