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ok, first off, no it didn’t really take me this long to recover from last weekend…just been working, fixing friends computers, getting things ready to move, and trying my damndest to break my foot in the midst of all of this (long story, you really don’t want to know, just suffice it to say that my ass needs to learn to pay attention to what I’m doing and not focus on sexy butches so damn much!!)
ok, so from that statement you can safely assume that i met someone i’ve been hanging out with this last week, any more than that you really don’t need to know….just know this..i don’t have uhaul syndrome, and its just a ‘we enjoy each others company’ type thing…don’t let your imagination run away with you :lol cause T isn’t really into the whole ‘relationship’ thing right now TYVM!
so today, i met up with my friend Mick, went to breakfast, met my new landlord and got the lease taken care of :Woot got my ass chewed out for not contacting one of my friends in over a week (:wtf dude, you’ve got my number to yaknow!!) came back and went to yard sales with Whtetigr…found a cool dining room type table, black with red stools (yea, go figure i would like that setup..:rofl) and am probably planning on meeting up with my friend tonight at the club :smile
ok, so there’s all the news that you need to know…any further details are deamed nunya :chtounge

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  1. LMFO, but somethintg tells me your new friend had something to do with your foot getting hurt. Some of that nice and ruff sex will do it every time.
    Well I am glad that you are having fun in JVille finally.

  2. lmfao, well, i did say i needed to pay more attention to what i was doing and not so much on sexy butches ~weg~
    i’ve always been having fun in JVille, just having a ‘different’ kind of fun more recently 😉

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