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Well, for those interested, we are finally (mostly) moved into the new place.
It’s nice, not quite as big as our last place, but we’re making do with what we have.
For those that were unaware I was moving, I’m sorry, shoot me…things have been a bit hectic lately :crazy
As some of you know, and yes, I’m going to post this out there for the world to see…I sent a letter of intent to exercise visitation to my ex.
Suddenly, the two younger ones, who went back and forth between wanting to come down and not being sure (depending on the day of the week, and mind you, this is what they said to me) suddenly were saying they didn’t want to come, but could not give me a reason :crystal
Yea, I’m stupid :rofl
So apparently, the ex decides that the laws don’t apply to him, and he’s going to take me back to court so the boys don’t have to come down. :asshole
Yes, I did say to him I thought it was very sad that he didn’t think the kids spending time with their mother was important, or that them having a relationship with her was either.
He must be afraid I’ll teach them how to like and RESPECT women :shrug…something he seems to have an issue with, as I can certainly attest to.
So, it looks like once again, it’s up to the wisdom of the courts to decide if I can spend time with my kids or not…I just hope the judge isn’t sucked in by him like so many others seem to be :walk_sad

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  1. I’m glad to see that you were able to find a decent place oon such short notice. I bet you’re frazzled from the move!
    You have my hopes and wishes that things will turn out well with the boys.

  2. Ugh – I don’t like him – AT ALL. When will you get a court date? Do you know? I wish you the BEST!!!!

  3. So do I need to go see him again with my muscle shirt on? = ) I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts let me know how it goes.

  4. oh ~t~ I hope it works out for you with your children. your ex is awful! I hope you get a good and reasonable judge. I’ll hold a good thought for you.

  5. I’M HOME FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve discussed all of this on my longgggggggggggggggggggggg journey towards the games in Ok hell ~ I’ll give you a call!!!! You know I’m thinking of ya!!!

  6. Kids need their moms. You know I’m in your corner. I’m sorry but using children as pawns in some game is just sad. They need love, nurturing and support by both parents if they’re fortunate enough to have them.

  7. Don’t worry honey, he won’t get anywhere. You gotta have faith. You’ve got a court order now, don’t you? Don’t wait, use it if you’ve got it. He’s probably just betting you won’t.
    Hang in there. If you have to go to court to see them, no matter how it turns out, they’ll at least know you did everything you could. Not like that coward is doing.

  8. CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!! Enjoy your much needed time with your kids sweetie!!! I’m so proud of you and beyond words happy for you!!!!

  9. Hey there,
    Ive been reading your blog for a while. I dont remember if I have commented.
    Just wanted to say good luck with your court case. I am having my divorce case opened up after 9 years because of errors and fraud. Mine affects the kids down the line because of special needs issues.
    Good luck again, I hope it works out for you.

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