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The ‘happy’ part is still up for debate :hum
My shopping is done, most of it has even been delivered (gotta love online shopping :biggrin )
I actually mixed up the dough for cookies last night…(although finding the time to bake them might be interesting :uhoh3 )
Secret santa this week at the office…
Not sure yet if I’ll have to work Sunday and Monday (M has to, so it really doesn’t matter :sad )
Talked to my Mother AND my sister (on the same day) last week, plans made to pick me up from the airport next week when I fly in…and my kids are actually happy about it now (since their father is having vehicle trouble and they’re not going anywhere for the holiday after all :angdev )
Life, overall, is not bad…even though every other song I hear at the PTJ is xmas music, and they’re torturing me with it at the FTJ today :hammer and we have yet to actually PUT anything on the tree we have up at the house (plenty under it though)
So, in case I don’t find the time to say it later…Have a great one everybody!!

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  1. Merry Christmas,~t~
    Enjoy your time with your children. They will have fun in spite of themselves.
    And as long as your house is filled with love and warmth, it doesn’t matter what’s on the tree, or under it.
    Happy Holidays to all of you!

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