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I wish I could say I was sorry to see 2006 go….but after how this year has gone, midnight last night couldn’t come fast enough!!
Lets recap…shall we?
The year started out well…great job, nice house, good friends to hang with…
Well, I still have the great job, however, I’ve had to add another one to it so I can make ends meet, which really cuts down on the ‘hang out’ time with friends. :sad
The house we were renting…well, the owner decided he was going to sell it and we had to move, to a house we don’t really like nearly as well (and will be moving from when the lease is up!) not as convenient for us (commute wise) and more expensive! The bright spot in this is the house we were living in still hasn’t sold (karma is such a bitch!!) :tounge
So…moving on…When I notified the ex when I intended to come get my kids for the summer, he takes me back to court! (I did win however) And while they said they had a great time this summer, now they’re not so sure they want to come back (again…would it kill him to encourage them just a bit to have a relationship with their mother?) :hammer
Then after asking if I planned on spending time with them over x-mas break…and I have to tell him it depends on finances…which turned out well because I was able to fly out to see them for a few days…he informs me that they had made plans already!! (why did you ask then?) good ole karma kicks in though since he had car trouble and was unable to keep said plans :smokedevil
So, I get back from my trip yesterday…and was supposed to work last night, it was DEAD…so they let me go, after which they got SLAMMED, then tried to call me back in :uhoh3 only problem was they didn’t call my phone, they called my wifes :lol (not to mention, it’s NYE, I was going to a bar, you really think I’m not going to have a drink?? :hum )
so anyway…that’s my recap of last year…Warning! I’m going to post a pic that was taken last weekend of me and my kids…I will not be responsible for your monitor breaking if you view it :shakehead
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7 Replies to “goodbye, good riddance!”

  1. Great pic’s of you and the kids! I’m glad you guys got to spend some time together through the holiday season! Boy have I got a story to tell ~ once I get rested I’ll have to post about it ~ ugghhhh!!! Talk to you soon!

  2. Awww look at all the little ChickenHeads….and the mama Chicken head = ) Nawww just kidding girl. Great pic. Glad to see you got to celebrate NYE. We went camping that weekend and had a blast bonding with nature = )Drop me a line sometime and we will catch up.

  3. Aw, that’s a great shot of you and the kids!
    again…would it kill him to encourage them just a bit to have a relationship with their mother?Speaking from my own personal experiences, I have never understood the “It’s them or me” hard line that people impose on the greatest gifts they can ever be given. 🙁
    Despite the hard feelings and contempt that we both have, I can’t conceive of me turning my kids against their own mother. Besides she does that job quite well by herself and doesn’t need my help (You should see one of their myspace pages… holy shit!).
    Here’s to 2007 – may it rock as hard as 2006 blew!

  4. Wow….your “babies” aren’t babies any more! Will ya get a look at those kids?! Great picture, T!
    I’m glad for you that each time something looked like it was gonna turn out bad, something came along to make it look a bit better. 2006 may have seemed crappy, but there was a little sunlight there!
    I hope 2007 is a lot smoother!

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