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According to a press release from Equality Forum, 463 of the 2007 Fortune 500 companies voluntarily include sexual orientation in their employment nondiscrimination policies.
There is currently no federal workplace protection based on sexual orientation, and only 20 states include sexual orientation nondiscrimination in their workplace statutes.
There are 37 Fortune 500 companies that are non compliant, and 15 of them are based in Texas. However, of the 55 companies total that are headquartered in Texas, 41 do provide sexual orientation workplace equality.

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My Thoughts…
I wonder where the other 17 are?
and people wonder why I don’t want to live in TX?
In FL, the laws are just as bad, but peoples attitudes are better! In TX people seem proud to discriminate against gays, where in FL people don’t realize the laws are what they are…not that ignorance is an excuse, but at least you can educate ignorance!

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  1. I’ll bet that most of the companies in compliance are in coastal states. From what I’ve read in the past, it’s the south and Midwest that tend to lag behind on change of values.

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