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When you’re having fun…
I did fully intend on updating yesterday, but was having issues with the computer so decided to walk away from it and spend time with M instead :1luvu
and yes, for lack of a better term, for those that must put labels on such things, I guess you could refer to her as my girlfriend, since even though we haven’t had that ‘talk’ we did just celebrate our one month anniversary on Fri. :biggrin
Ok, so between that and work…you have my excuse for why I’ve been updating so sporadically…

So Fri. was spent with most of us in a tizzy due to the predicted visit from Charlie….like most men, he was all talk…if anything serious happened in Jax I slept right through it :rofl
Sat. my friend Beth came over and her, M and I went to lunch, walked around a few shops and went to Fuel for some coffee and people watching :shakehead then back to the house for M and I to do laundry and we all 3 got ready to go to the club (second Sat. of the month, J’ville Kings performing, need I say more?)
my friend Beth had a little catch and release fishing expedition while M and I hung out at the table and enjoyed the show…especially Ran getting up on stage giving lap dances and dancing on the pole :biglaugha
Sunday morning Beth calls and wakes my ass up :gmorning I love ya gal, but damn the door was unlocked :lol but makes up for it by taking us to breakfast :kisses then back to the house for more sleep :snore which while I was in the process of she left, and M and I spent a quiet evening at home :wink
So, now that I’ve posted all the news that’s fit to print, and wasted enough time here….it’s time to get back to work! :cry

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  1. Thanks for the update. 😀 I do enjoy reading about how happy you are. :):) Miss you bunches!

  2. Congrats T on how happy you and M are. I can not be happier for you.
    I love you and I am glad that you have found true love.
    Love you ranran

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