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where has the time gone?
my ‘nights/days off’ have been spent still running back and forth working on these computers referenced in the last post…thankfully McAlester is taken care of…Durant would be also if not for the fact the GM can’t seem to make up her damn mind how she wants it all set up! :let_it_all_out
middle dude and little dude have both been sick this week, so yesterday was spent taking them to the Dr. both have ear infections…life is never dull, I’m telling ya! :lol
to top all this off, I found out my parents are coming to visit next weekend (major housecleaning mode going on here!) will post more about that later…perhaps…feelings there are probably not what anyone wants to hear anything about…:uhoh3
so the day begins, hopefully I’ll get Durant finished up today before I go completely off the deep end :fdup and post again sometime before the next millennium

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  1. I hope the “Dudes” are feeling better.
    Thanks for all you’ve done while you have been under the gun to get ready for your parents visit, and getting the computers set up.
    As always, I’m in awe of all you can do!
    Thanks, T!

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