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Let me just start with the fact that I’ve discovered that as time goes on, I’m still not seeing the bright side to my girls new schedule :walk_sad.
Work is going OK on my end, other than the fact that my boss is looking for a new job :scared, and where that will leave me when she finds one, I have no idea :errrr.
My girl and I have been talking seriously about moving in together…yes, I know most of you will say we already do, but we’re talking about WITHOUT paying rent on 2 places…as in one place of our own :heartpump
We’ve also discussed opening a B&B…she actually mentioned something about it, without knowing that has always been a dream of mine :heart, so I’ve been researching small business loans, properties for sale…etc…if anyone could provide assistance in this area PLEASE feel free to :biggrin
for those interested, there’s more…

I’ve been having a tough time this month…as most of you know this is normally my favorite time of year, with my birthday, aka Samhain (or Halloween if you prefer :smile) right around the corner…but I cannot get in the spirit (pardon the pun) this year…:sad
I will not get to be with my kids this year, I will not get to help with their costumes and take them trick-or-treating like I have every year since The Dude was old enough for me to drag through the neighborhood…and yes, if you’re wondering…I DO dress up for this also :lol
To top this off, I’m stressing, along with everything else, (aka bills) about how I’m going to afford to get my kids for Thanksgiving this year, as I’m supposed to have them for that whole week…no matter how much I play with my finances I’m just not finding it :cry and counting on winning the lottery is just no guarantee (hell, would have to have the money to play first :rofl)
So now most everyone can see where my head has been lately, and before I run out of cheese to go with this whine I’m going to close here, I hope everyone has/had a great weekend, and my love to all :kisses

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  1. T, as you so things will happen as they should happen. Not a minute sooner…
    Who knows one of your friends might have a great job by then and will be able to help you out. Darling you never know what may happen in this life, and we all take the good with the bad. But in the end it will happen exactly as the Goddess has planned.

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