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OK, this new shift of my girls SUCKS!!
it’s been one week, and come to find out it’s Saturday and Monday she has off, with 8-4:30pm on Sundays :cry:walk_sad:cry:walk_sad:cry:walk_sad…anyone got some cheese to go with this whine??
we once again were very fortunate when Jeanne hit…power only flickered and no damage or flooding. My uncle down south where it hit however, did lose power, etc…but they got it back up and running in 3 days instead of over a week like last time, he is doing well as could be expected considering he STILL has a blood clot in his leg :scared
I updated my voter registration information :thumb and hope if you need to you have also!!! If not, most of you have till the post office closes tonight to do so, your area may vary on this!!
Now, I’m going to cut this short, since as posted above my girl is off tonight and I seriously need some time with her!!!
Till next time :wavey

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  1. Yes I’ve updated my voting information and will be voting this year just one of many issues we disagree on *smile*…..sorry to hear about the scheudle change I’m acutally going to be around over a weekend this weekend give me a call the troops will be MIA going to pick up Big Nonnie and I’ll be home alone… that could be dangerous couldn’t it LOL

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