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ok, as i stated before, my stupid ass tried to break my foot earlier this week while over fixing a friends computer (i’ve so got to learn to pay attention! :lol) for those into that sort of thing and would like to see what an idiot i really am…go ahead and click on the links taken by said friend :wink
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and how bout it looks even WORSE NOW!!!!
and i’m moving Tues. gee…that should be fun…:rofl

3 Replies to “ok, my stupid ass…”

  1. Dang I think that would hurt. Sorry I am not there to take care of you however I am in my own personal pain. EFG
    love yah

  2. I can attest that it is MUCH WORSE looking now. Yucko. You NEED TO GO TO THE FREAKING ER. Let them bill you. It’ll be worth it…I promise.

  3. Swing from the ceiling fan has it’s down falls ~ but apparently the hammer is taking on a whole new meaning *wicked giggle*

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