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One of the hazzards of me going to sleep WAY to early last night…is I’m not able to sleep now ohmy.gif so I decided a bit of an update was in order…
I’m finally figuring out a few settings on this upgraded MT, like how to let comments be posted from actual people, and not let the spam through wink.gif (a very good thing with some I host!) I still have to rehack the front page to bits and get it the way I want…but all in time *read, when I have time!*
The PJob (primary job) is going well, things are finally starting to settle down now that w-2’s have gone out. We’re opening the doors on our new resturant next Monday! And I feel like a have a moment to breathe again while I’m at work, instead of constantly answering the phone dealing with people who want to blame me that they didn’t update their address and why didn’t their w-2 come in the mail, and am I not a mind reader that can figure all of this out?!?!? laughing.gifmad.gif
Speaking of Pjob, M and I are going to CT in April (hopefully it will be a bit warmer by then!) so I can meet a couple of my favorite managers biggrin.gif I’m excited about this for several reasons…the first being I get to meet them (finally! after 2 years) and the second being I want to see how things work on their side of the buisness (like what do they have to do to get us our information, etc…)
Oh, and another interesting tidbit…my department was ‘rewarded’ by the higher ups in the company after the GM conference a couple weeks ago…it seems that they (the GM’s) couldn’t stop bragging about us to the executives biggrin.gif and telling them what a great job we were doing! That was a very nice surprise…She (one of the execs) told us that it wasn’t always that way, that she constantly got complaints about her (former person) and it was so nice to have people in the department that did their job so well! I cannot say enough, how nice it is to work for a company that is so wonderful to their employees…hard to find places like that anymore! (and people wonder why I would never consider leaving there! huh.gif )
Now, as for the PTJob (part time job) I was supposed to be transfering to another store…but now I’m not sure if that’s going to happen
Was going to transfer, because the manager who has always been honest with me, and went to the mat for me more times than I can count is there…it’s closer to where I live, and honestly, I can make more money there.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I work with now, we have a lot of fun, I enjoy my guests/regulars that come in…I only work overnights on Fri. and Sat. so the drunks are so entertaining laughing.gif
Not sure if it’s going to happen because it seems suddenly that ‘they can’t do without me’ (and I just found out moments, literally, ago, that my co-worker on the overnights is in the hospital! ohmy.gif ) No wonder I woke up and can’t go back to sleep….

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  1. You have more than a little bit on your plate, it seems…..but it’s nice that people are noticing what a great job you’re doing! Isn’t it wonderful to have w-2s behind you? They used to make my January life hell, until I discovered that I could palm them off on our CPA. YES!!
    I hope things work out on your part-time job to your satisfaction.

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