It hurts

You’re so excited to go to a bar where you took another woman, and are making plans to go with her again, specifically when I’m at work…yet you’re too introverted to come to an event at my job.

You’re so eager to go to another city and hang out with someone you claim to barely know at the bar you go to till all hours, yet can’t be bothered to come to an event at my job because it’s so late and you’d rather stay home.

You don’t mention what plans you’re making with the person who blew up on my post, then blocked me over it, but she’s your friend that I never heard of until we started having problems…and you’ve done nothing but talk about how you can’t wait to go visit her, and how much drinking will be involved, and how much fun you have when you go out.

What do all of these have in common? Well, the first thing is choosing these people over me, the second is they all involve drinking, and I know how you are when you drink…you wouldn’t like it if I did this to you… you’re not the only one with options.

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