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*note, no offense to any actual blondes who may be reading this!*
I pulled a doozy yesterday…:hammer
after a, shall we say, ‘interesting’ week at work…I actually get ready to leave a little early (10 minutes, but hey, still early)
I gather up my stuff, turn off the radio, shut down the computer, put the phone on DND, tell the boss goodbye and have a nice weekend…
drive home, uneventful, no ones there…check the mail
walk in the house and start my usual ‘get home routine’ which is put down my purse, get out the cigarette case and cell phone, plug in cell phone, and put my travel mug in the kitchen, make coffee, check email…
oh, but wait…where’s my cell phone :confused11
yep…back at work sitting on my desk! :cry
now mind you…I have keys now to get in the building…
however, its a bit of a drive to get to where I work…and with gas prices being what they are…:shrug…I’m not exactly racing anywhere to waste more of it!
I only hope on my way back to work Monday morning…well…lets not even put that thought out there :uhoh3