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This article is simply astounding!!
It simply says all the things so many of us would like to be able to express, but cannot find the words…he does…wonderfully I might add.!

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  1. I’ve never thought of it from the standpoint of physical assault. The way he expresses that really made me sit back and just stare at those words. I truly do believe that GLBT’s do not choose to be “that way” so it would be much the same as denying the rights to all brunettes, I guess.
    He was DEAD ON about all the good the Christian Right could do with the money they have and the power they wield. What a waste.
    As a Christian I think the WORST thing Christians do is judge others. Sure, we all judge people and how they act, what they say, their personalities… it isn’t right, but I suppose it’s quite normal. God gave us an “instruction manual” (the Bible) and it clearly states that we should not judge others, yet many Christians feel it is not only within their rights to judge, it’s their moral duty. It’s bullshit.
    I can easily support their right to disagree with GLBT’s, but not to judge it or treat them as less than human, just as we did for so many years (black men were said to count as 1/2).

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