Figured I would pop in here and update a bit before life gets too crazy again…first things first…I got the job!!

Okay, well I guess that was jumping ahead just a bit…first thing would actually be I finished my degree…yes, I now have a bachelors degree in accounting! Plus a job directly related to that now 🙂

Then the holidays…which actually were good this year since two of my boys were here…I put up a tree for the first time in 8 years…and even made a lot of the decorations, I’m sure most people that have known me for years think I had lost my ever loving mind (would have to have one to begin with…lol)

Otherwise have just been working on getting my business off the ground…and yes, I know I opened this post with the news of a job, but we all know how much I hate to be bored…after years of school and working, sometimes two jobs, I find myself going a bit stir crazy with all this free time on my hands…and need something to keep me occupied until I can start on the garden, which will hopefully be soon!!

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