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Again…we’re talking baseball season here.

I don’t normally do things that are unnecessary, if I take the time to send you an email with a request in it, even if it’s not an immediate need, chances are that I have enough knowledge of how things are going to go to know it’s needed.

Like when I send an email asking for funds to be replenished when there’s enough in the account, but I know a homestand is in less than a week, the clubby is going to need money for supplies and food for the team, the AGM is going to need money for staff feeds, and the groundskeeper is probably going to need some as well (not to mention the promo guy, but whatever) all of that is going to wipe it out and then some and it will become urgent that you add funds…but did you listen? No, you ignored my request and now it’s happened exactly like I knew it would…

But hey, what do I know?