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I have an Amaryllis that is growing a bloom stalk! I was going to throw it away, but surfed on amaryllis care and decided that I might try for one more set of blooms on my four pots of amaryllis.

This particular plant lost it's last leaves and I had set it out in the mudroom where it got no direct sun, and very little indirect light. I learned that I didn't want to put it in the garage where it would freeze, so it was just waiting there for me to find a place to store it. I was VERY surprised when I discovered a bud and a couple inches of stalk. I moved it to the kitchen where there's a lot of indirect light. I may move it once more, to the office, where it could sit next to a south facing window. I cant wait to see this plant bloom!

Yea, plant!


That reminds me that I have 2 amaryllis in the lean-to. I should take them out and let them warm up. I'm not really expecting them to come back - the lean-to isn't heated.

Yes, I have to find a place to store the three I have where it is cool and dark, but warm enough that the won't freeze. Let me know if you have any luck with yours.

Once they decide to bloom, it's astonishing how fast they grow. Last week this was just a bud on about two inches of stem. Today it's got to be about 14" tall!

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