Which Day of Christmas IS this, anyhow?

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It doesn't really matter which day of Christmas this is. They've all been very pleasant.

Dear Husband and I were Empty Nesters on Christmas Eve, and chose to have dinner at Mother's church, followed by the traditional candlelight service. Christmas Day we traveled to celebrate with his children and our grandchildren. I swear, the girls could open a toy store!!! *S*

This year has been very laid back, and low key, and comfortable. I didn't get the tree decorated, but we've really enjoyed the lights. I was battling with two fake trees that had light problems, and decided to quit fussing with the smallest one. We have a fake Sitka spruce tree that is up year 'round with ornaments that my quilting bee has given to me. Dear Husband felt that tree was enough! And you know.....I think it was, too, but it was in the foyer so that everyone would see it as people came into the house. As we wrapped gifts, we put them under that tree. Perhaps next year it will have a more prominent place in our living room.

The last few days before Christmas I made non-Christmas cookies. With the exception of Russian Tea Cakes and Sugar Crisp which I only make at Christmas, the rest were cookies I might have made through out the year. DH asked for Spicy Nut Slices. I used a store-bought peanut butter cookie mix as the base for fudge tarts. I tried an apricot/walnut/coconut bar cookie that wasn't "much of a much" as my Mother would have said. I tried a pumpkin cookie that made SEVENTY-TWO COOKIES!!! I have them with nuts, and without, with icing, and without, and some with nuts AND icing! lol I guess this was the year of the pumpkin cookie!

I boxed a lot of those cookies to give away, but there are all together too many of them left. DH has more restraint than I do. I'm getting a lot more sugar in my diet than I usually do.

I did get decorations up around the house. I started with wreaths, swags and garland outside, and then put up two fresh evergreen wreaths inside. I love the scent that I can smell from my recliner. Stockings, mistletoe, the elf that Mother made, scented candles, a candlewick angel my oldest sister made, and other odds and ends that are always a part of our decorations made it up. I have the quilted wallhanging that Mother and I collaborated on hanging in the hallway with a paper-pieced wallhanging that features Christmas fabrics.

We didn't ignore the traditions, we were just making a few new ones. *S*

I hope your Christmas has been as lovely as mine, and I wish the best for you this coming year!


Buffy--To many of us, your Christmas 2010 doesn't seem all that laid back - until we think back to your previous years' preparations and productions. Well done!

Have you posted the recipe to Spicy Nut Slices? If not, would you please do so? They sound intriguing.

Cop Car, it was a struggle, but I did it! *G* It was so laid back that I was almost embarrasseed at how little we did. Dear Husband thinks my quilter's Christmas tree is adequate......NOT!! We're going to have to have a little discussion before next Christmas! lol

The Spicy Nut slices are a basic refrigerated loaf cookie with a lot of nuts. The spices are cinnamon and nutmeg, I think, not Southwestern spices. I'll find the recipe and send it your way. DH love them, more than most cookies.

Yeah....I saw that I said I put up a Christmas "angle." I know that we are not supposed to edit our blogs after they have been posted, but I couldn't let that one pass.

Buffy--Hey! Your family IS in the construction business, so perhaps an angle is as appropriate as an angel in your house. Thanks for the laugh. (Who says you can't edit after posting? Hogwash!)

*grins* I'm glad I could be of service!

I can't recall who taught me that you weren't supposed to edit something you posted. We all tend to add updates to the bottom of our posts, when additional information becomes available, but it was considered inappropriate to mess with the original message. It really doesn't matter in my case. I'm not writing anything earthshaking! *G*

In my professional life I had to be extremely conscious of version control on documents and computer software (I actually had one engineer swear to me that he had NOT changed a set of computer coding after it had been delivered to the Air Force - he had only added three lines, after all!)

In non-professional blogs, I apply a different rule. As long as I won't make one or more of my commentors look bad (or like an idiot), I feel free to correct errors. In the case of a commentor's being reflected upon, I clearly show the (dated) markup on the posting.

My theory is that, at a later date, someone who reads the original posting without also reading the string of comments may be misinformed by an un-edited posting.

CC, I bet you said "grrrrr" a lot under your breath when you worked with that engineer. How could he have not understood the ramifications of his actions! Sheesh!

In this particular case, I was correcting a typo. I figured everyone would understand the error, but just didn't want to leave it there.

If I had posted something that had created a discussion, I would have left the original alone, but added a dated post script

Not under my breath, at all, Buffy! Actually, most people don't understand the necessity to impose version control. The big issue is that if one is ever taken to court and different versions of the supposedly same document are presented, the company loses all credibility and is likely to lose. This happened at the Little Airplane Company. A manual that the complainant produced at court was slightly different from the manual that the company brought to court - without a revision that tracked the changes. Yikes! It's OK to make changes; but, they must be officially tracked!

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