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For those of you who feel as though you know Elegante Mother, and those of you who have actually met her, I have some disheartening news. EM is facing some medical problems. We had to call the paramedics on Saturday morning to take her to the hospital.

She is resting comfortably, and is in the care of good doctors. Unfortunately, she is not clear on where she is, or who we are. It's likely that Elegante Mother will go from the hospital to a nursing home. She will need more care than I can give her, even with caregivers to help.

This is a very difficult time for us. EM has lived with us for the past 19 years, and she lived in an apartment next door to us for another two or three years. It's a long time to care for someone else, and even though Dear Husband and Second Son are here, the house is strangely quiet.

I hope that you will keep her in your prayers, or send positive thoughts her way.


Oh Buffy, I'm so sorry to hear of EM's situation. I know this has been hard on all of you. This was the hardest thing for my mother too; but she was very aware what was going on and needed to be there because she was so sick. There comes a time when hard decisions just have to be made Buffy...there's just no other way, as much as it hurts. Now it's a matter of her getting the care she needs that YOU won't be able to provide now. You know that, right? There's nothing you can do about that. EM will be in my thoughts and prayers...and so will you. Love, Joy

I am sorry to hear of EM's illness, and wish her a good recovery.You've been a tremendous help and good friend to her I am sure.

Joy is right, those types of family decisions are always tough.

Kman's mother is beginning to have some medical problems that portent a care-giving situation soon. My own mother is in an assisted living facility, but she still needs me nearly every day for something.

Seems like I just dropped parenting to pick up elder-care. I love them, and wouldn't do less, but it can be a big responsibility.


You, your family, and EM will be in my thoughts and I will say a prayer for you all.

Much Love,

Buffy--Joy said it all. I'll be thinking of you, your EM, and your DH.

Ladies, thank you, so much, for your kindness and support. This is a tough time for the entire family. EM will go to the nursing home tomorrow, and we'll see if she has it in her to make her way back once more.

Buffy, Heartfelt thoughts and prayers wing their way to EM and all of your family.

I'm so sorry to learn of this news Buffy.

Thinking of you all, and understanding a bit of what you're going through - Mr BW's grandmother is nearly 96 and, after a fall at her own home where she'd lived independently for 93 years, her mental state quickly deteriorated and the only option was nursing care, where she has now been for just over 2 years.

Hoping it works out.

Roberta, thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. We appreciate them.

Blue Witch, thanks for your comment. We would never have chosen a nursing home for EM if it had not been absolutely necessary. We know it will be difficult for her to be away from the cocoon of comfort and care she has had all these years, and she does not understand WHY this has to be. The support we've received from our blogging friends, and e-mail, and notes and cards, helps usas we come to grips with this change in our life. Thanks for your support.

I am sorry to hear about EM. All best wishes for her and your family!

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