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This is a dreadful picture, but I'm dying to share this with you. The ladies who do my machine quilting returned the batik quilt last month. I laid the quilt on the floor of my foyer on a sunny morning, and hoped there would be enough light with a flash to be able to get a picture. I can see that we will have to take it outside to get true colors, and the full size for you. The quilt is approximately 104 x 80 inches. The quilt is not bound yet. I need to make a run on the quilt shop to buy black fabric for the binding. (I know....tough duty! *G*)

My brother and his wife were visiting this week, and my mother encouraged me to show them the quilt. I told them that I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but that it was a quilt I needed to make. I was astounded when my brother said that he had a wall in his house that would be the perfect spot for it if I cared to give it up. That really gave me a pause. I'm not ready to let it go, but it would be quite an honor to have my brother show my work. If I gave it to him it would be with the caveat that it had to stay within our family if he tired of it.

This is a closeup of the quilting. The ladies found a variegated thread that had all the colors of the quilt, for the quilting in the black triangles. The batik is quilted in gold to bring out the designs in each block. The strips are quilted in threads that are close to their color.

Batik Quilt Closeup.jpg


What a beauty!! I knew it would be, but the quilting (and seeing more of the quilt) allow me to appreciate the beauty even more.

Did you try enhancing the photos using a photo editor? If not, I can try that and send the pictures back to you; but, you are the one who knows what the colors really are. IF you haven't already tried it, perhaps step-son could help out?

Congratulations on the quilt. Black binding will be perfection.

I did give the photo editor a try. I played with the highlights and shadows, and finally sent it off, realizing that making any more changes would result in color distortion.

I promise to get some help getting a picture in natural light. I better do it soon, or Mother Nature will weigh in and I'll miss my chance.

I'm glad you like the quilt. It's much more colorful....or maybe "Adventurous" than most of my work. Quite the departure from the norm.

To have all of those designs in one print!! Were you looking for a zingy print or did it jump out to grab you?

Beautiful quilt Kitty!!!

The fabric reached out, got a grip on my arm and said "You MUST buy two or three!" I had it for years before I became brave enough to cut into it. All I knew was that I wanted a design that would show it off in a large piece rather than cutting it up into two inch pieces, so a friend designed a block for me, and I kept her doodles.

I'm glad you like it, Mina. I'm a bit overwhelmed by it, and wasn't sure it would be considered a winner by others. Your opinion matters to me. *S*

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