Isn’t It Lovely…

…when you hear from an old friend? During the pandemic, when we have all had so much time on our hands, I SHOULD have been writing to friends or calling family, or keeping in touch any way that I could. Instead, Dear Husband and I seem to have pulled in and nested, just the two of us, keeping the world at bay.

The interesting thing about that isolation is that neither of us has had a cold or the flu in an entire year. However, as much as we love each other, we yearn for face to face visits with family and phone calls with friends and just generally reaching out to hear how others are faring.

This week, a blogging friend from my past left comments on two of my posts. Blue Witch from England found me and touched base. I’m delighted to know that she is still blogging. I haven’t reached out to my blogging friends, thinking that they may have let their blogs go, as I did. When Facebook and Twitter and all the social media developed, it seemed as if people were no longer interested in complete sentences or longer posts. I’m delighted to know that at least one of my friends is still going strong.

Blue Witch, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be over to visit with you soon. Be well!