23 Silly Questions

Stolen from Bogie, who stole it from Billy:
1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: “sarong and sandals, a ragged jacket and shirt and pants
2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
a junior size yellow note pad
3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Star Trek: The Next Generation
4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what the time is:
5: Now look at the clock; what is the actual time?
6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
The radio in my mother’s sitting room
7: When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
I took the dog out for a “quickie” around 1:00
8: Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
Bogie’s blog….where I stole this!
9: What are you wearing?
Black Jeans and a white long-sleeved t-shirt
10: Did you dream last night?
I don’t remember my dreams, usually
11: When did you last laugh?
I laughed at the cat, trying to out-smart a chipmunk
12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?
A sailing calendar, a poster of one sunflower, a poster of a water color
of Chicago, three bookshelves, two lateral files and a hutch.
13: Seen anything weird lately?
hmmmmmmm….Dear Husband?? I don’t know if he qualifies.
He’s weird all the time.
14: What do you think of this quiz?
Bogie said it: Gives me something to do and post
15: What is the last film you saw?
X-Men 2
16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
We have about 7 years of mortgage left…..I’d pay that off.
17: Tell me something about you that I don’t know.
The Doc said I lost an inch and a half in height this year. (I think they
need to get the scale checked.)
18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Hmmmmm……probably clean up all the toxins, something having to do
with ecology.
19: Do you like to dance?
Actually, I LOVE to dance, but I’m abysmal at it. Ask Speedbump.
20: George Bush: is he a power-crazy nutcase or some one who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?
Are there any other options?
21: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
I’m a bit past this point, and my step-children came to me already named.
But I like old fashioned names like Sarah or Rebecca or Kate, and family
22: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
My husband comes from a family where the first name is passed on to the
first boy….so I wouldn’t get to choose on the first.
23: Would you ever consider living abroad?
Visit, yes. LONG visit, yes…..Stay, no.

What kind of kiss?

It seems I have a mysterious kiss. It’s 12:45 at night. I have to be up in about five hours to get ready for a long day. I just finished balancing my checkbook, and wanted to blog for a moment before crashing.
I know….if I was wise, I’d have gone to bed hours ago, but I thought I might have a better chance with this quiz, so I took the time to run through the questions. Mysterious……that’s not the response I expected. Cop Car, is it time for me to give up on the quizzes??
You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you’re going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it’s sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
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What in the World Did I Say??

You are Lord Byron! Quite the Ladies’ man, Byron
wrote during the early 19th century. He was
born with a deformity, and much of his life was
spent with a sense of urgency, trying to suck
up as much life as he could to make up for his
own insecurities. He was a bisexual and died
very young of fever.

Which famous poet are you? (pictures and many outcomes)
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I lifted this quiz over at P.J.s blog. I want the one HE got! I wonder now how I answered the questions, because this doesn’t sound much like me at all. I’m getting farther and farther afield with these “test” results. *G* Cop Car is right. They are intended for 13 year old girls.


Now, THIS is REALLY scary…..I got the same answer as billy. I stole the quiz from him, and figured we’d be miles apart. Go figure!
I don't want a toaster.
Furnulum pani nolo.
“I don’t want a toaster.”
Generally, things (like this quiz) tend to tick you
off. You have contemplated doing grievous
bodily harm to door-to-door salesmen.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
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The Friday Five

The Friday Five for February 20, 2004
When was the last time you…
1. …went to the doctor? February 3, 2004
2. …went to the dentist? Three months ago
3. …filled your gas tank? February 19, 2004. A week ago I almost drained the tank dry, so I’ve been more careful about filling up.
4. …got enough sleep? February 20, 2004 I have the flu, and slept away most of the day and all night.
5. …backed up your computer? February 13, 2004. I know, I know….I’m supposed to do it every day….
Thanks to The Friday Five for the questions!

Cat Test

One of my friends sent this address to me yesterday. Go visit and take the test!
I scored 14 of 16 right, but you all know I’m a cat person.

Friday Five 1-16-04

1. What does it say in the signature line of your emails?
I don’t have a regular sig line yet. When I finally set one up it’s likely to be a feminine wise crack of some kind, or a wry comment on life.
2. Did you have a senior quote in your high school yearbook? What was it? If you haven’t graduated yet, what would you like your quote to be?
Nope……we didn’t do that in the dark ages in the boonies….
3. If you had vanity plates on your car, what would they read? If you already have them, what do they say?
IF I had them, they would read: QUILTER
4. Have you received any gifts with messages engraved upon them? What did the inscription say?
Yes! I just received the most incredible box of chocolates, with the simple inscription of “Merry Christmas, *****”
5. What would you like your epitaph to be?
“She Tried Hard” or “Optimistic to the End” certainly don’t have the right ring to them. Perhaps something about having loved well.

It’s not easy being green…

I get back to reading blogs, and the first thing I come across is this test. Billy borrowed it from Tilesey, and I couldn’t resist. Kermit and I must shop at the same stores….
You are Kermit the Frog.
You are reliable, responsible and caring. And you
have a habit of waving your arms about
“Hi ho!” “Yaaay!” and
“How Green Was My Mother”
“Surfin’ the Webfoot: A Frog’s Guide to the
Sitting in the swamp playing banjo.
“Hmm, my banjo is wet.”

What Muppet are you?
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