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Red Hat Ladies Travel

My mother has joined the Red Hat Society, and since I am her chauffeur, I have joined as well. Our group is going to make a trip this weekend. I've been concerned about the weather. Today it's supposed to get to 94, and tomorrow it should reach 97. Given my mother's age, I was worrying about the heat. The forecasters are predicting a slight cooling for Saturday....85. Who'd have ever thought that we'd consider 85 cool??

The ladies are gathering Saturday morning to make a trip to Princeton, Illinois for lunch at the country club, and a trip to Hornbaker's Gardens. Hornbaker's is famous for their selection of hostas and day lilies. I'm sure to have plants in the trunk on the way home.

Princeton is an interesting town. They also have a wonderful quilt shop, and a place where you can get replacement pieces for your antique china. A friend has recommended a clothing boutique.

I hope we luck out with the weather. The temperature is supposed to drop because of the chance of thunderstorms. We need the rain desperately, but we have easily a two hour drive, so it would be disappointing if we weren't able to carry out our plans.

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Good luck with your trip and with the nursery you will be visiting. Don't buy too much - you'll only have to find a place to plant it when you get home. And planting new plants in really hot weather is not a good idea.

If this trip of the Society is any indication, you'll be right at home with the Red Hat Society women. (They've already been right at home with you, haven't they. You probably spoiled them for meeting anywhere else!)

Adele, you know me too well! I probably would have bought far too much, and the iris renovation is taking all my time these days. I need to have you move in to help me be sensible!

Unfortunately, the trip has been called off due to extreme heat. I know this was a wise choice, but I was really looking forward to it. So....I've been saved from myself. We may reschedule this for cooler weather.

I'll see your 97 and raise you 100. Okay, we haven't actually reached 100 yet, but we'll find out real soon how well the forcasters are doing.


Sensible - me? Nor where plants are concerned. If I was there I would probably be egging you on to buy more ("Go one, you know you can find a place for it when you get home"!) The husband tries to restrain me but then I just remind him of how he is in a CD shop.

I think you are sensible not to travel too far in such very hot weather, much hotter then us but do you have the same levels of humidity as us? At the moment it is too hot to do anything, just to lay around, moaning occasionally.


Bogie....have you seen a weather map of the US lately?? The entire continental USA is RED...so I'm not surprised that you're getting the heat too. I AM surprised that it might be hotter in NH than in Chicago. I hope that you get a break in the heat, soon!

Adele...we have HORRIBLE humidity in the Chicago area. I hand watered the herb garden, fed the birds and filled the birdbath, and I was soaked. Minimal exercise in this heat and humidity makes my face look like Niagara Falls. Dear Husband, rotter that he is, was telling me that when he gets out on Lake Michigan, he has to put on the wool sweater I bought him for his last birthday.

I can see you egging me on at the nursery, just as Cop Car would (and DOES) egg me on at the quilt shop. I have GREAT friends! Just remember, I'll be happy to do the same for you! lol

The forcasters were off a bit, so we only got to 94 (official temp in Concord). We also didn't get the humidity expected, so it wasn't too bad (but hotter than we are really used to).

What's a friend for, if not to egg us on to higher planes? (Well, maybe not higher!) Don't you think that Adele should join us on our quilting plane?


Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh! Then I'd have a friend who complained about not having enough time to do it all! (Unlike YOU!)


I think that's about what it was here, Bogie, but with a LOT of humidity. I went to the Farmer's Market at 7:30 and then hibernated inside the rest of the day. The blackbirds have been using the birdbath so vigorously that I need to refill it three times a day. I've put a five gallon bucket of water out for the birds and raccoons. The birds are panting they're so hot.


I'm sorry to hear that you get terrible humidity too. We get it badly in the low to mid-80s. I dread to think what it is like as hot as you get it.

Adele, wheezing gently in the heat

P.S. I love the thought of doing patchwork but, of course, after that comes the quilting. From what I've read the quilt once sewn then has to be mounted on a huge frame to hold it at the correct tension while it is being quilted. I have neither the space for such a frame and I can't imagine how much it would cost to buy! Neither do I know of any person or organisation over here that does it for you. So, I will stick to my easily portable knitting and crochet. Easier (but a bit hot in this weather). A

PPS - when I tried to post this I got the message "Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content:" here they had the name of the country that I happen to live and of which I have the nationality. They will just not let me write in your comments the name of my home country.


Wales, Scotland Northern Ireland. Ah ha! they accept the three other main countries in the UK, just not my part. My English blood is running hot!

Adele, We have NO idea what sets that censor off sometimes. Cop Car has had the same problem with seemingly innocuous words, and so have I! My apologies to your English blood. (I see they let it through the second time! lol)

What you were describing in your comments is called a "Quilting Frame." Most of them are long narrow affairs, but there are some forms which can take up an entire room. If you baste your quilt top, batting and backing together, you can also use a hoop, similar to what we use for embroidery, but an inch wide. Quilting hoops have a reinforcing block on the underside of the block that holds the screws, and are generally between 8 and 14 inches in diameter. You can quilt in your chair, with the quilt draped around you on cold days. It's very snug!

Adele, I think it used to be easy to find someone to quilt for you, way back when... But now, people hardly have time to finish their own projects, let alone take on someone else's. I have so many ideas, I could never hand quilt them all, so I send some of my things out to be quilted by machine. I bet you could find people in that country where you live (snickering), to machine quilt for you.

Adele--Not being geographically inclined, I don't know where the shops are; but, I've seen sites of several quilt shops in Ingland (see if the censor passes that!) that say they have long-arm quilting machines. Many fabric/quilt stores have machines (even my local shop has one.) If you seriously considered quilting, it shouldn't be that difficult to find someone. I believe that Buffy mails her quilts in that she doesn't wish to quilt herself.

On the other hand, there are methods of quilting where it can all be done by hand, using the hoop that Buffy described. That takes a bit more total work, but it doesn't require a special machine or a large quilting frame.

Then, Buffy and I could have fun sending you "starters" for your stash!

Buffy--If I'm misleading Adele, please step in to let her know the straight skinny.

Buffy & Adele--Pardon my failure to read Buffy's previous comment, well. I didn't mean to "over-write" what she had said!


No, problem, Cop Car. It never hurts to hear things from more than one person. But, let me say that I STILL hand quilt. I just don't have as much time for it as I'd like. I have a quilt on a frame in my living room right now. When it's too hot to be outside weeding, I plan to work on a quilt for Dear Husband. Adele, if your husband is handy, there are plans available for quilt frames, and they don't have to be complex.

And, the services of a GOOD machine quilter are not cheap. I'm very selective about what I sent to my quilters. They do an incredible job, and I'm willing to pay for it. A service which quilts a repeating pattern over the surface of your quilt, which has no relation to the design, is much cheaper, but I feel that it defeats the purpose of all your beautiful hand work. Try a small project with a hoop. I bet I can get YOU addicted, too, Adele...and it will be one more thing we share!

Adele--Watch your step. Buffy is as good as her word. She will entice you into her snare.


OK, Adele.....England is welcome once again! You can type it all you want! lol


England, England, England


Ah, this time it accepted it. I'm not obsessively nationalistic but having redeaglespirit refuse to accept that word did rather get my dander up.

Thanks for the kind words but I don't feel, at the moment, that I am ready to start quilting. In fact I have restarted sewing and have dug out my old sewing machine, which I shall try later on today. It has taken some courage to do so - when at Secondary school I have an absolute Dragon of a sewing teacher who really put me off sewing for, well decades. Perhaps I'll consider quilting sometime in the future, who knows.


Anyway, you and Cop Car should both enjoy yourselves at quilting. Though don't you find handling swathes odf fabric a bit uncomfortable in all the heat you are experiencing. I know that last week, when it was terribly hot and humid over here, I couldn't crochet or knit for days. Too uncomfortable!


RedEagle1 is great at finding the little glitches in the program. I must have banned something that had the word "England" in it, so the censor banned every use of the word. Sorry about that. It brought a huge grin to my face when I read your post! lol

For SHAME on that dragon. She should have been making it a wonderful experience rather than driving you away from sewing. SHAME on her. Good luck as you return to your machine. I hope you have fun with it.

Um...Adele....it's wretched outside, but my house is like an iceberg at the moment. As a matter of fact, I need to go turn the temperature up on the air conditioning. I NEED to play with fabric and to quilt, just to stay comfortable. I think we cool to about 78, and since it's drier, it's very comfortable quilting. It's also better for my asthma. Maybe you need to pack up and come to visit for the summer. I'll teach you to quilt! *G*

Cop Car:

Adele--My sewing room is in the basement where, even if the house were not air conditioned (all new houses in Kansas are air conditioned), it would be reasonably comfortable. The temperature in the basement ranges from 68 to 73 degrees F (we keep the thermostat, upstairs, set at 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer), year round. Hunky Husband freezes down in the basement, but that is also where his den is. I love the cool, but I don't like basements--or I would spend more time in the sewing room (and in the kiln room!)


(ears perking up) The KILN room??? Do you have a potters wheel, or do you use forms and slip? My dad had a kiln for a long time, and I made a set of dishes and a number of other items. My youngest sis took a class at school where they learned to throw pots on a potters wheel. I miss having the chance to play with the glazes.

Cop Car:

Surely this has come up in previous conversations? If not, we've been remiss. I started to give a longer answer; but, I'll save it for a posting to my blog. Visit it, if you care to.


Certainly, I will. We must have talked about it, but being a bear of very little brain....I've forgotten. Sorry.


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