Same Old, Same Old

This time of year, most of my blog entries are about gardening, or needing to garden, or needing rain, or having too much rain.  Nothing has changed.  I started work on the gardens at the sidewalk at the front of the house.  I cut back Iris stalks, and planted two purple fountain grasses.  I planted some Black-Eyed Susan vine seeds  between the grasses and set a tutor over them, so they’ll have support.

About 20 years ago my brother gave my mother an immense planting that had vinca in it.  We set it near the front sidewalk gardens, and the vinca reached out for the dirt and made itself at home. Each year it creeps out and tries to take over a little more of the garden, and I keep clipping it back.  THIS year, I cut it back to a patch about 18″ x 18″.  I rooted out most of the vinca, but I know it will be back.  In the dirt that I uncovered I planted cleome and alyssum seeds.  It’s about two weeks to a month late to be planting seeds, but I’ll take what I can get!

I need to cut back peonies and sweet William.  There’s an infestation of Bouncing Bet in the lower driveway garden, and one of clover in the sidewalk gardens.   There are more iris to cut back, and eventually, daffodil greens and chives to cut.   I plan to just keep hacking away at what needs to be done.

I was reading a book called “The Curious Gardener,” which talks about chores that need to be done month by month in English gardens.  I’m really glad that my gardens are fairly simple.  The list of chores took three pages in the book!

We’re celebrating Father’s Day a day early so that the “kids” can have Sunday to themselves.  I’m going to start the morning with deadheading, and then relax at a nice dinner out!  The perfect balance of work and leisure.  Happy Father’s Day to you all!

8 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old

  1. Buffy–I’m not familiar with Bouncing Bet; but, I certainly know about vinca. It was part of the original landscaping that we had put in at this house. Big mistake! It will take over the world. It only took me a year or three to realize this and start trying to get rid of it (same goes for the purple winter creeper that had filled a much larger area of our yard). I still find a stray piece of the vinca (usually climbing up the center of a pyramidal juniper) on occasion and, sad to say, the purple winter creeper has spread throughout the woods. I feel so guilty. I don’t know why they allow such plants to be sold without a warning.

    I used to clip and save month-by-month lists of gardening/lawn chores from the newspaper. Anyone who can keep up with those listings has way too much time on their hands (or is helping our economy by employing a gardener!)

  2. Cop Car–Bouncing Bet is terribly invasive. You may know it as “Common Soapwort.” There is nothing I can recommend this plant for other than for filling in a barren area quickly. Of course, once it takes a foot hold you’ll never get rid of it. I spent 30 minutes ripping a small patch of it out of the driveway garden. I need to go do more of the same. It will come back, but it will take a while to reach the same size as it is now, if we have our normal heat and drought during the rest of the summer.

    My biggest objection to it, is that like poison ivy, it snuggles up to a plant that you want, and competes for the moisture and nutrients in the soil. Noxious weeds!

    I agree with you that the nurseries need to be more careful in labeling, to let prospective buyers know what they are getting into with these invasive plants.

    I always laugh when you go on about not being able to keep up with the lists of chores, because YOU are the person who carries wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of material around your yard. I wish I had half your energy!

    • *laughing* The 4-wheeled cart that I have (the size of a wheelbarrow, and I still call it that) is usually loaded with bags of mulch, trimmings from pruning, weeds that have been pulled, or pavers these days. I really should buy more dirt; but, I’m fearful of how long it would take me to get it spread. Perhaps I’ll have the landscaping people do that. The problem with that is that they would need to keep the truck off of the lawn and take wheelbarrow-fuls across about 60-80 feet of grass to get to where most of the dirt needs to go – for leveling purposes.

  3. I used to have a beautiful John Deere trailer that I used to move things around our lot, until Dear Husband ran it over one winter. I really miss having the help moving things, and collecting the weeds for composting. Now, DH has to collect things in a wheelbarrow and move them for me.

    You get a lot of work done with that 4 wheeled cart of yours, Cop Car!

  4. BTW: I wore out the wheelbarrow that I had, moving the loads of dirt and sand that I bought several years ago.

  5. Why am I not surprised? I said that you were a hard worker. I hope your body has fared better than the wheelbarrow!

    • I keep hoping for replacements, though. Dear Husband knows what I mean when I talk about a FrankenBuffy. If it weren’t for female pattern balding, I’d be willing to keep the top half of my body….well, that, and some orthodontia problems….

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