I believe that I have seen some birds that I have never seen before!

In a grassy area not terribly far from a good-sized retention pond, we saw a bird that ran like a water bird or piper.  It had two distinctive dark bands at it’s throat.  I didn’t have binoculars with me to get a look at the beak, but DH says it’s not terribly long.  When I checked the bird books, it looks as though we may have seen a “killdeer.”  I’m uncertain about that spelling, but that’s what Wikipedia said.

Then, we were on our way to exercise on Friday, and drove between two very large marshy areas where we normally see egrets and herons.  At the edge of the water, in the reeds, we saw two large birds, which were facing us.  Their heads and chests were a rusty, tawny color, and they look more substantial than the blue herons.  When I searched the bird books, the closest bird I found was a juvenile common crane.  Since we couldn’t see their backs, we couldn’t tell if they might be sand hill cranes, but they had the right shape for some type of crane.   Of course, they were gone when we made the return trip, or very well camouflaged.

I don’t keep a life list, but it’s always fun to add new birds to the mental list of birds that I’ve seen.

4 thoughts on “Birds!

  1. You, indeed, had a killdeer – named for its call. As to the other two birds, nice find! However, I suggest that they were probably not “common cranes” which do not normally reside in the Americas. (You knew that, didn’t you? You are just testing your readers!) Perhaps sandhill cranes? (I’m not sure that we could tell the difference from 20 paces!)

  2. I checked three different bird books looking for the “cranes” that we had seen. Sibley didn’t even mention “common crane.” One of the other books mentioned the common crane but didn’t give a picture, and the third listed the common crane and indicated that it was not normally found in the U.S. BUT….the picture of the common crane entry matched what I saw.

    We couldn’t see the backs of the birds, so we couldn’t tell if the backs were speckled, which would have moved us toward the sand hill crane in our identification. I hope these birds show up again, so that we can get a better look at them!

    Thanks for the confirmation that we saw a killdeer, Cop Car! Can you get the “experts” to agree??

    • Of course, you’re my expert! That’s why the others were referred to as “experts.” There’s a LOT of disagreement out there. I’ll be happy to take your guidance, even though it comes with a wild sense of humor! lol

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