Flower update

The sage and oregano want to bloom.  I cut back one of the oregano plants (barely a tenth of what’s there)  and took the branches to exercise class, tied in bunches with rafia.  Bless them, they took every bunch and I need to cut more!  I thought I’d cut off all the blooms on the sage, but I must have missed a few.  I clip them off when I deadhead the lamb’s ears.

Day lilies and purple coneflower, and the shrub roses are blooming.  What few lilies I have left are almost ready to open.  Something out there eats lilies!  One end of the sidewalk garden at the front of the house is filled with volunteer coreopsis.  The ox-eye daisies have bloomed and died back.  It’s time to pull them out.

I have a big wire basket lined with coir and filled with potting soil that sits in a well in front of the dining room windows.  Last fall I cut some of our evergreen branches and covered the basket, and then added some red twigs that have a curly stem for contrast.  I was VERY surprised this spring when those twigs grew leaves!  I’ve kept them, just to see what will happen for the rest of the year, and added a few annuals to the basket.

We’ve had so much off and on again rain, that I have not been keeping up with the weeding.  And, there are a few plants that still need to be put into the beds.  We have the possibility of rain today, but it might be worth it to get out there and do some weeding while the garden is so wet.  That makes pulling weeds SO much easier!