Daffodil Greens

It’s the time of year when the question of what to do with daffodil greens rears its head.  Dear Husband spent a good part of Saturday riding the lawn mower, trying to get most of the lawn mowed before the rain arrived today.  I noticed that on the west lawn he had  cut the daffodil greens that are naturalized throughout the lawn.  Ruh Roh.

I generally wait until the greens have gone brown before I cut them back.  That can leave the gardens looking untidy, and we want the front garden to look its best while our house is for sale.   I know the greens feed the bulbs for next year’s blooms, so, I went on-line to surf for advice on how long to wait to cut them back.

The best advice I could find was to leave the greens alone for eight weeks following their bloom time.  “Ice Follies” which blooms first in my gardens, is just coming up on the time when I could trim them back.   I have other daffodils that don’t bloom until late in May, so it will be late July before their greens should be ripe enough to cut back.   It’s a relief not to have to cut all the greens down on one day!

In addition, the website also said not to tie the greens and not to braid them.  It’s best  to leave them alone.  Many of my daffodils are planted behind day lilies, so some of the greens are hidden as they ripen.

Having to wait to cut them down, and having to deadhead the blooms, would never keep me from having loads of daffodils in my gardens.  I must have at least a dozen different types of daffodils, and I wait for those first blooms all winter long.  I recommend “Ice Follies” to you.

Daffodils Resized