Busy Day

I wanted a day in my quilting studio, and finally carved out time today.  I have been running several projects concurrently, and needed to work on all of them.  I haven’t quite finished anything, but I’m a lot closer now.

1. I chose the fabric that I want to applique over two patches on one of my quilts that have disintegrated.  This tessellated maple leaf design  has a large variety of fabrics in fall colors and one of the fabrics I used has shredded apart.  Current practice is to applique over what’s left of the fabric, so that the original fabric could be seen in the distant future, should anyone care to look.  I cut out the pieces for the two blocks and I’ll hand applique them either tomorrow night, or at quilting bee on Friday.

2.  I looked through the box of extra blocks and extra pieces from Scraps on a Mission to see what we could finish up and found two sets of blocks that could be used if we added a little to them.  I went through my personal stash and founds browns and golds and cut them into four inch squares.  Four of these are sewn together to make a block.  I might also choose some fabrics to alternate with the pieced blocks.  I also made two blocks in blues to extend what we have for another quilt.  You know…”Use it up, wear it out…”

3.  I have a block I am doing that is a pieced Maple Leaf surrounded on two sides with strips, like a Log Cabin.  I need to make 56 blocks for the top I want to do, and I’ve completed 32 of them.  I set out ten of the leaves and chose the strips for each of the blocks.  I’ve gotten good at cranking out six to twelve of these blocks at a time, so I’m set to sew the next time I have the chance.

Project 2 Resized

4.  I trimmed the points off a quilt that I am making for a women’s shelter.  I want to put a strip on the top and bottom the shift it from square to rectangle, and then I can layer and pin it, to be quilted.

Color Strip Quilt Resized

My picture is dark, but the quilt is very bright and vibrant.   It was a rainy day when I took the picture.

5.  I chose a border for a lap quilt for Scraps on a Mission, and sewed it to the quilt.  I cut the backing, and sewed it together, so that it’s ready to be layered, pinned and quilted.This is a picture of it pre-border:

YBR Resized

6.  And, I worked on the quilting for this 60″ x 75″  quilt.  When I started this afternoon I had five of 20 blocks left to quilt.  Now there are just two and a half to finish, and I can do that tomorrow morning.  I’m quilting in the ditch, so you won’t be able to see any of the quilting on these blocks, but there’s a lot of it!

Missing U Resized

The only things I didn’t get to work on are two bunny quilts I’m making for the babies of two of my grand nieces.  I still have a few days for one of them to hatch, and two months for the other.  I’ll have to put some of this work aside and get them done, though!

There’s one more twin-sized quilt for the women’s shelter that I need to finish, but I’ll wait to post  about it when the quilting is finished  My days are full, and the gardens are lush, and I really need to be working outside, but I do love quilting!

2 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. I like the boldness of the quilt for the women’s shelter and the bright tones of the quilt that you are stitching in the ditch. Beautiful (of course!)

  2. Thank you, Cop Car! The last three quilts that are pictured are all charity quilts. The two larger ones will go to the shelter this fall. I hadn’t thought of the colors of the one as being “bold,” but it’s a good description. I love the color block quilts. I’ll be happy to complete the other two that are in progress. They are a pleasure to work on, and are great for using up scraps!

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