Bogie is my almost sister. We could be twins! Our bookshelves have the same problems. She knows about double layers of books, and paperbacks stacked up in front of the hardbacks! She knows about textbooks from years ago taking up valuable space. I feel we’ve bonded, sis! *G*
When we built this house, we realized that the architect (who had designed the house for himself), had omitted bookshelves of any kind. Who can live without bookshelves?? Actually, I wish someone would invent magazine shelves, too. I’ve got some of my magazines in binders, but I need more space for them.
At any rate, we sat down and talked with him about putting in some built-in shelves. He nixed the idea of the long wall in the living room. He apparently didn’t think I could fill 35 feet of book shelves, but he suggested that a wall of shelves would distract from the focal points of the room, and would make it difficult to organize seating in the room. I had a better reason, after we moved into the house. I wouldn’t have had a long wall for the display of quilts.if we’d made that wall into bookcase. I’d be better organized, but unhappy about the lack of display room.
We finally resolved the issue in two ways. First, in designing the cabinetry in the kitchen, we added the column of shelves just for books that goes floor to ceiling. Yes, that needs to be culled, too. Elegante Mother has filled the shelves with the little monthly cookbooks you get at the grocery store. She’s not the only one at fault. I have a lot of trouble passing up a cookbook, especially if it’s about soup or bread. We have TWO garlic cookbooks! *G* No werewolves here!
The second solution was to give up one foot of the length of our bedroom. The loss to the bedroom is minimal, but the gain for books was immense. I’m guessing that we added shelves roughly 10 to 12 feet wide and floor to ceiling in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. And those shelves are full to the brim.
Bogie, the books I’m planning to move are textbooks, and clock repair references, and odds and ends of books that we just haven’t been ready to give away. I think it’s going to be my chore for first thing tomorrow. We’ll have about 25 guests here on Friday, and I better get things squared away now.
It’s reassuring to know that someone else has the same bookshelf situation. *G*