Moving In

Yesterday, Dear Husband began clearing the boat of anything that might freeze or mildew. He carried in bags of food and began emptying them out onto the island in the kitchen. The food is still sitting there, minus a couple of Rice Krispies bars.
What is it about a cleared off counter that draws JUNK to it like a magnet?? We will be hosting a brunch on Friday morning. Knowing that I work more slowly now than I used to, I started cleaning off counters and tables and end tables. Every time I get something cleared away, someone comes along to fill it up again! It almost isn’t worth trying to do this particular chore ahead of time, since it seems to make more work for me.
Salt and pepper, tea bags and other staples can be saved for next year. Some of the food can go into my pantry, but some of it just won’t fit! In the past, we’ve stored some of the items in the basement, but we found that mice will eat through the metal packets to get to condiments like ketchup and mustard. Can you imagine what that must have done to their digestive systems??
So, one of my chores today will be figuring out how and where to store the Arr!!’s leftovers. Maybe I’ll let them sit there for a while longer while I go out and play in the gardens. It’s a beautiful day, MUCH too nice to waste on inside chores!
Hmmmmmmm…maybe I could store it all in a sail bag, wrapped in plastic, in the basement. Or maybe a plastic storage box! I think I’ve just had an “A HAAAAA!” moment!