My bookshelves are overwhelmed! My mother buys books and then puts them on my bookshelves. Periodically , I have to cull books to be given to the library, or shared with friends. We give the ladies of our exercise group first choice, and what remains goes to the library.
I realized that I need to cull some of the books we have had since we were in our twenties. I’m sure they have not been opened while we have lived in this house, but they provide ties to another part of our lives, and we’re loathe to let them go. I need to get several packing boxes and line them with garbage bags, and then empty the top shelf.
We have hardbacks pushed all the way to the back of the shelves, with paperbacks stacked on their sides taking up the edge of the shelf. In places we have paperbacks stacked two deep. I have three shelves filled with quilting and gardening books, and I need one more to be able to put all those books away!
In the kitchen, I have a floor to ceiling shelf that is filled with just cookbooks. I almost ordered one more….the Ultimate Soup Cookbook. But, I restrained myself!
I plan to pack up the books from two shelves, and then rearrange the books that are left. I have to decide what to put on the highest shelf because I’ll be the only one who can reach those books without a step stool.
When I have the books reorganized, I need to work on the problem of magazines and Christmas catalogs. We are drowning under a sea of paper. I send any catalog I know I’m not going to use right to the recycling bin. Unfortunately, that chore needs to be done daily, and I’m a twice-a-week kind of gal.
Thank goodness people come to visit us through out the Holidays, or this might never get done! I find impending visits great motivation for putting my house in order. Can’t you imagine the books and catalogs falling in slow motion, filling up the hallway and the kitchen, if I don’t get this chore done?? Timberrrrrrr!!
If we haven’t used it this year…..it’s OUTTA HERE!

1 thought on “Timberrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Your book shelves sound like mine! The hardbacks are behind the papaerbacks, and sometimes the paperbacks are stacked. I have 3 bookcases and the built-ins for the den (oh, and a smaller 3-tier book rack from when I was a kid)
    I gained shelf room by replacing the two bookcases that were water damaged with larger ones (about 6″ wider and a couple of inches deeper). I also went thru all the books as I was bringing them back down from storage and managed to cull about 100 from the list (many of them textbooks from classes that were mandatory – humanities, 5 books; Society, 3 books etc. etc.
    At this point, I actually have room on some of the shelves, but that is only because of the double rows and stacking. i’m betting that in a couple of years, all the room I gained will be lost!

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