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Why is there NEVER anyone around when you need to babble!??

My husband just called. He said, "I'm going to be late." I asked why, thinking it was too warm for him to be sitting with heaters to set the mortar on newly laid masonry. He said, "I've had an accident, and I need to stick around to talk to the police."

Getting information out of the man is like pulling teeth!


"I'm fine."

(calming down just a little) "What about the people in the other car?"

"They're fine."

"What happened?"

There followed some kind of explanation about the weight of his truck when loaded, and not being able to stop on a dime, and something about somebody zipping through an intersection.

I'm not clear on what happened, but I seriously doubt it is Dear Husband's fault, and I'm really relieved that he says he's okay. Of course, he'll have to prove that when he gets home!

What a day...........

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Glad that everyone is okay!


So am I.


im glad too buffy.x


Thank you, ladies! He says his left hip hurts from jamming on the brakes, but other than that, he seems to be okay. My-sister-the-nurse says to get him onto an ibuprophen schedule, and it may pass.

I'm glad to hear "MY" man is okay!!! As far as babblin you know you can ring me up and babble would love to hear from ya since I didn't make the cookie list this year :( hoping for next year! Give "MY" man a hug for me and telling I'm glad he is okay!!!


I'll be sure to let DH know that you send hugs his way. Sorry about the cookie list. Steel yourself! It may become a thing of the past. :-(


Don't you love those cryptic messages? Just the facts...not the details. Of course the main thing you needed to hear was that Dear Husband was okay. I'm sure you were unsettled until he actually walked through the door Buffy.

Oh and sweetie...feel free to use me as your Tower of Babble any time you need to.

As long as he's talking that irritating sketchy kind of male talk that evades all that you would most like to know, all is well.

I am certainly relieved to know that and no doubt you are too.


Joy, you're right. I needed to see him for myself, even though that wouldn't give me all the information I needed. He thinks he may have hit his hip on the armrest in the door, and that might account for the hip ache. You know I'll be checking for bruises tonight.

I was thinking of you and other conversations we've had about stoic husbands, when I posted. Thank you so much for offering to let me babble!


Roberta, I see you are the owner-operator of one of THOSE models, too! *G* Yes, I'm VERY relieved to have him home and safe.

Glad all is well, but don't you think you've had quite enough excitement? These last two posts of yours suggest you haven't exactly been quilting these days. I know cliches are not always the best kind of writing, but "when it rains it pours." Here's hoping successive days have been less eventful.

Geesh I don't visit for a couple days and all heck breaks loose.
Glad it all worked out ok and no one was hurt.
Now I need to catch up on the rest of your posts.


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