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A Meadow

Gardens 2005-1.JPG

As the ladies of my quilting bee left on Friday night, I heard one of them say that it was like walking through a meadow. A friend took this picture of the flowers at the sidewalk a week ago. The ox-eye daisies are all volunteers. I grew them in the center box of the herb garden on the north side of the house, and the chipmunks felt they’d look better at the front door. Each year they come up in new places. I rip them out, and they come back. A friend was horrified to hear me say that I planned to rip them out when I divided the iris. I couldn’t convince her that we’d have a full crop again next year.

Leucanthemum…….ox-eye daisy….about15-18 inches tall….very hardy, deals well with dry, clay soil. Buy one packet of seed and you, too, can have a meadow, forever!

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I love the ruffled iris in the foreground (as well as the chipmunks's daisies). I planted some of those irises a year or so ago. Most of them died but the survivors bloomed beautifully this spring.

P.S. It does look like a meadow--a lush, beautiful one. What are the deep violet blossoms? I have a problem seeing deep violet (especially on a computer screen), so I cannot make out the shape of those flowers.

Gorgeous! I am so jealous!


The everything that is not white is an iris, except for the blue to the lower right corner, and that's perennial cornflower...centaurea montana, I think.

Oh....there might be a tiny bit of pale purple all the way at the back where I have some volunteer Dame's Rocket growing.

Susan, April, May and early June are the peak of my gardens. I wish I could get this kind of display with perennials through out the year. I'll fill in with annuals when I divide the iris, so we'll have some color, but it will be restrained compared to the iris season.


Cop Car, Iris don't need a lot of attention, but they do need to be planted so that the top of the corm crowns out of the dirt. Is it possible you planted them too deeply?

We'll have to talk about iris and see if we can figure out why they died.

Well, they probably were planted at the correct depth--until I got around to mulching around them. I was too lazy to "re-plant" so that they stayed above the mulch. My fault!


Next time, pull the mulch away from the corms, so they get air, or you can just put the mulch down in a circle around the plants.

Buffy would be horrified to see how my irises are planted (covered unless they have heaved out), and how the mulch covers anything that isn't green.

Haven't lost any and it looks like I'll get a good show this year.

Bogie--Buffy would be horrified only at the thought of your climate. I can leave irises on top of the ground and they live if they get moisture enough to keep them. Buffy must have her irises surfaced on the top. You have to bury them 6" underground! You're about to your frost free date, now, aren't you?


Yeah, it would be culture shock for me to move to NH. I know your "summer" is a lot shorter than ours, and I'd have a LOT to learn to bring my perennials thru the winter.

Cop Car is being a smart-alek. We passed our frost-free date about 12 days ago - so there pffft!


Wowwwwwww....TWELVE whole days ago!


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