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Holiday Wishes

We've spent the day getting the house ready for Christmas. I finished most of the wrapping last night. The tree is in the stand, waiting to be decorated this evening. I spent an hour this morning finishing up personal notes and Christmas cards that needed to go out.

A delivery man brought me a surprise today. Mike-the-chocolate-addict sent me the most incredible box of chocolates from France that I have ever seen. I was astounded at the variety, and I read the description of each piece to my mother in excrable French. I'm sure she was glad when I finished ooooooing and aaaaaahing. What a lovely gift!

That's not the only gift I've received from overseas friends. Adele sent me a book called "Trowel and Error." She knows me well to understand that this is exactly the kind of book that I love: down to earth gardening advice and tips.

I spent a few moments writing thank you notes for the gifts that have arrived, and then I ran errands. First, the post office to send off those notes and cards. Then, I had Mother's car washed. We had a freak storm that dropped red Texas soil on the Chicagoland area. Her car is a dark green, and the rain left rust colored spots all over it.

Then I shopped for my youngest sister's gift. I can't tell you what I got; she might read this and loose the surprise. I stopped for a tuna sandwich at Panera and then headed to the grocery store. Almost everyone was calm and cheerful! One unfortunate person had her car die just short of an intersection, and traffic around her was a bit harried, but for the most part, people were in good spirits.

At the grocery store a man was ringing the Salvation Army bell. As I walked in, he started to sing, and he had a beautiful baritone voice. I shopped, found an empty lane to check out, and was on my way out in no time. I stopped and put some money in the bucket and told the bell ringer they should have him sing instead of ring. As I pushed my cart toward my car, he began singing again, and I harmonized with him. It's amazing how little things can lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

Soooooooo......we're coming down to the end of the preparations. I have to decorate the tree, and move all the presents to their places under it. Tomorrow, I need to drive my mother to her hair appointment, and then shop for the last minute items I need for an antipasto tray. We'll take the tray and more gifts to my sister's in the afternoon, and celebrate with my family.

Although I've written about the details of preparation, all that will be set aside tomorrow night as I watch one of my nephews perform in the church puppet show. I expect that will bring home the real reason we gather to celebrate.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas, that you are happy and well, and that you will get to celebrate with someone you love. If this is not a joyous time for you, I hope the New Year will bring you comfort, happiness and better times.

Happy Holidays!

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Thank you and All the best to you Buffy. Isn't it wild, so much prep for all of an eve and a day. *shaking head in amazement*. I'll never get over just how much we all put into this less than 2 day length of time.

Mmm, Mmmm... that chocolate sounds fabulous!

I got a ham to put in the crockpot, so Christmas dinner will be easy. I may, or may not, make a pumpkin pie.

We are usually lazy on Christmas day. It's one of the few times that we can sit and do absolutely nothing. Heck, we might get caught up on several movies that we have bought in the last year!

Merry Christmas!

Here it is Christmas Eve upon us and I still have two gifts to make and several left to wrap ~ however ~ I am done Christmas shopping ~ if I forgot anyone or anything it will have to wait till after Christmas because I refuse to go out in the Christmas Eve mob!!!

Have a Merry Christmas Buffy give your family all our love. We'll probably call ya *smile*


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