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Little Foxes

I know I lead an unusual life. While we are not wealthy, we are comfortable. Like many of you I have to work, but I love my work. I get to set my own hours and am guided by the knowledge that things have to be done in a timely manner, rather than by a time clock. I have the pleasure of working from my home, so I don't have the commute, or the need for an office wardrobe. In general, I'm a very lucky woman!

That was brought home to me in the simplest of ways yesterday. We have a house on a three acre lot. The lot was originally part of a nursery seventy years ago, so there are lots of old trees and a grove that is beginning to die off. We have purposely left parts of the land rough so that wildlife has cover and habitat. Our neighbors sold their land to a developer, so the wildlife in the area is being squeezed into smaller and smaller areas.

We have raccoons, a possum, beavers, a woodchuck family, deer, gray and fox squirrels, bunnies, moles, voles, mice and a huge range of birds from nuthatches and juncos to cardinals, blue jays, several kinds of woodpeckers, and Cooper's hawks and herons. We spend a lot of time watching the wildlife and we put food out for them.

Yesterday, I left the office about 4:15 and walked into the kitchen. I was talking with DH, and I saw some movement outside the kitchen window. As I watched, a fox trotted by. It's the first time I have seen them cross our land in the fourteen years we have lived here. The fox quickly moved to the west and met up with a second fox and they trotted north through the old grove, stopping now and then to check for the scent of their prey.

If I worked in an office building, I would have still been at my desk, and missed that. It doesn't take much to remind me how incredibly fortunate I am

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Did you say once that you live in Atoka? I didn't know they had all that wildlife out there. The only story I have to compare to that would be my neighbors. Once, at my parents' house in McAlester, we saw a 10-point buck standing in the back yard- my brother was holding his shotgun and starting for the back door- no, the front! No, the back! Luckily, he didn't make his mind up in time, and the deer melted back into the treeline.

No, that's RedEagle. I live about an hour west of Chicago, where two of the largest cities in Illinois meet. We have 300,000 people all atop one another, so it's incredible that we have any wildlife left!

Isn't it great. Before they developed the land behind our house, we used to open the sliding glass door curtains and watch all kinds of wild life wander by. We had eagles, hawks and even falcons hover over the field looking for food. And wild turkeys are UGLY, with a capitol "U".
Now all we get are the wayward mice escaping to a safer place. Might as well be in an office.

Did I forget to mention I dropped off "foxy dog" well also know as the "gay dog"? *big grin* no I'm kidding ~ he is still safely tucked away here at home ~ I bet it was amazing to watch the fox in action. I know how many birds you have and the view you guys have from the den and the kitchen / dining area is breath taking!!! I absoultely LOVE your house!!!

I just love it when I get to see the wildlife going thru the yard. Usually it isn't anything unusual, but we have seen the occassional moose and one bear go wandering by (no foxes though).

you are a lucky woman, Buffy. Good to see that you can recognize that. I'd like your view.


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