‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This is one of my favorite times of year.  I like the end of the day, usually when I have a good part of the house to myself.  It’s taken me a long time to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  About ten days ago I needed to begin baking for things that had to go into the mail.  I felt a little of the spirit then, but it didn’t really sneak up on me until this weekend.

Cop Car has teased me about what I consider to be a simplified Christmas.  Yes, I’ve put up swags and wreaths, but it’s about a quarter of what I once did to ring in the holiday season.  I chose to decorate with two large poinsettias, and two arrangements with small poinsettias, ivy, cyclamen (and one other white flowered plant I don’t recognize).  I like the uncluttered look, and the plants bring color into the house.  The planted arrangements will last much longer than cut flowers, and I got it all at Costco, so you know I’m feeling thrifty!

My side of the family gathered on Saturday evening for a meal, and to do a Christmas gift exchange.  We had a fabulous meal, to which everyone contributed.  None of us needed to cook, though.  My niece provided enough for several days of meals.  It was lovely to see some of my great nieces and nephews who were tiny when I saw them last, and almost grown now.  My youngest sis and her family were the only branch of the family not represented, and I miss seeing them.  When the girls were small they all came to celebrate with us, and Mother.

Early today, I tidied the living room, and hung the stockings.  A little more Christmas spirit snuck up on me.  I cleared the clutter in the public areas of the house, and contemplated what I needed for dinner. I put the tree skirt around the little Sitka spruce that decorates my house all year long,and watered plants.  I put a few more decorations out.  The only thing I didn’t get to was hanging ornaments from  the chandelier.  I might still do that, just to enjoy it for the next two weeks.

I decided that I wanted to make a nice dinner for Dear Husband and the son who lives with us.  I settled on Sullivan Island Shrimp Bog (a pilaf with shrimp and bacon), green bean casserole (his request….I would have done steamed broccoli), a simple salad with romaine, strawberries and walnuts.  And, I found an Ice Cream Cake Roll.  My Dad loved that dessert, and so does Dear Husband.

I caught up with my Facebook friends after dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and then sat down to wrap our grand daughter’s gifts.  It’s amazing how fast you can wrap gifts when your husband has the remote and he’s sleeping through a science program about the universe!  I was done in record time! *G*

So, in a few minutes, the house will be quiet, and I’ll have a private moment to commune with the Christmas tree.

I wish for you the blessings of the season.  I hope that you will all have the chance to celebrate with family or friends. For those of you traveling, I pray for your safety while on the road.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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