Three Books At One Time

I am the original “pick it up, and read it right through, one book at a time” girl.  I’ll start a book and be unable to put it down, staying up way too late into the night just to see how it ends.  I know I’ll be a wreck the next day, but I cannot reason with myself and PUT THE BOOK DOWN!

I’ve been reading “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett.  It’s full of the details leading to WW I, and despite the fact that it is based on fictional characters, it’s still slow going, trying to understand all of the interactions between countries.  It’s a period where major change is going to take place politically and socially, and Follett has an amazing amount of information to share.

When I was about a quarter of the way into “Fall of Giants,” a shipment of books arrived from Amazon.  I wasn’t going to order any more books.  I was going to use the public library more.  I didn’t want to have to box up more books!  I couldn’t resist.  I picked up Donna Leon’s new book, “Jewels of Paradise.” and waded in!

I was at least halfway through that book when I needed to take Dear Husband to physical therapy, and I couldn’t lay my hands on the book.  One of the “Inn Boonsboro” trilogy from Nora Roberts was, though, so I had THREE books going at one time.

Okay, I’ve finished two of the “Inn Boonsboro” books, and I’m well into the third.  By the end of the weekend, I should be down to two books.  If it wasn’t for gift wrapping, I might even finish the Donna Leon book, too! *G*  GIft wrapping is important, and it can be fun.  It’s part of our celebration of the season, and I really don’t mind.  The books will hold.

I think the next book I need to read, and use, is Ina Garten’s “Foolproof Recipes.”  That woman knows how to cook, and how to entertain!  I need to take lessons!



7 thoughts on “Three Books At One Time

  1. Three books at a time? I can barely get through one these days. Merry Christmas sweet friend….enjoy every minute. Hugs, Joy

  2. When I lived, alone, in Albuquerque, I usually had two or three books going – one on the table by my recliner in my bedroom, one on my (bookcase-style) bed head board, and another in my den. Now, I usually stick to one at a time. But then, most of my reading (other than for my volunteer endeavors) is fiction these days rather than being weighted well toward non-fiction in those.

  3. Joy, we’ll have to spend some time together so I can find out what’s keeping you so busy these days! Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I hope you’re spending the holidays with your extended family. Hugsssssssss to you, and a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Cop Car, I could almost understand having a couple of technical manuals going at one time, or a couple non-fiction books, but it seems odd to me to have three fictional stories filling up my head. I’ve enjoyed the fiction that you’ve suggested to me in the past. I think Patricia Gaffney is one of the authors you recommended.

    Happy Holidays to you and to HH, and your extended family!

  5. Bogie, Merry Christmas to you and WS! I hope that the two of you will have a little time together during the holidays.

  6. Yes, Buffy, when I had three books going at once they were nearly always three non-fiction books. In fact, I’m not sure that I read a single fiction book during the 1980s!

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