The Herb Garden

I spent four hours in the herb garden last week.  I find that two hours a day on my hands and knees is the limit.  I really hadn’t planned to do so much in the herb garden, but it moved along so well I just kept at it.  I still need to clear out the lower left  branch of the walkway, and transplant the thyme from the right to left upper arm of the garden.  I’m late getting the annuals in.  I have some basil and a couple of miniature tomatoes to plant.  I need to pick up more basil, parsley, rosemary, a pickle cucumber plant and a zucchini. And, I need to decide what I can plant in the upper left bed that will grow in a half day of shade.  I planted nasturtiums on either side of the walkway opening at the bottom of the garden.  I can see a couple of the seedlings from the kitchen windows.  If only half of them grow, I’ll have masses of color this summer!

Herb Garden Early Morn Resized

At the top right corner I have a good stand of lemon balm.  I think I’ll plant lemon verbena and a lemon scented geranium right in front of it, for a lemon garden.  I love saving the lemon verbena for use in potpourri. It’s too cold here to winter it over.

Fresh oregano, anyone?  I have loads of it to give away!



2 thoughts on “The Herb Garden

  1. Until last year I didn’t realize oregano was a perennial. last fall replanted a small pot of oregano and it spread well thru the winter – seems to be the only thing that enjoyed our tough winter.

  2. Oregano is very hardy and it will spread like crazy. It’s a member of the mint family, and they all like to go for walks. I think my plants are Greek oregano, which is probably the “officianalis” version. My DIL is growing the Mexican oregano. I have never grown that, and am not sure what it tastes like. One of my five plants is already lolling, so I’ll give it a close cut soon, and then water it until the new growth gets started.

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