The Front Gardens

I wish I could tell you that I have been slaving away in the gardens for the past week, but the weather has been so odd, that I’ve spent most of the time inside.  In that time the gardens have gone from getting ready to bloom to lush.  The early iris are open, and the volunteer Ox-eye daisies are in bloom.  Here are some pictures of the gardens at the front of the house.

Last fall I planted these tulips and crocus at the front of the garage.

Pink Tulips Resized

The Sweet William is flourishing at the corner of the sidewalk.

Sweet William Resized

I don’t know how to describe the color of this iris, but it’s one of my favorites and is not spreading as the others do.

South Iris Resized

You’ll have to look closely to see the blue blooms, but I have what some people call “Perennial Bachelor’s Buttons (Centaurea montana)”  in a group of perennials at the front of the house.

Perennial Bachelor's Button Resized

The early iris close to the garage are blooming.  The over 80 degree heat today really brought them out.  It might be a short season, so I’ve been taking pictures.  The lighter ones to the far left are “Katie’s Blush.”  I bought them in honor of the birth of one of my nieces.

Garage Iris Resized

And this is what the sidewalk gardens looked like a few days ago before they erupted in greens and daisies and flowers:

Sidewalk Early Iris Resized

Thanks to the storms and heat I have lots of work to do.  When the iris have completed their bloom season I plan to move several of them to better locations.  I’ll be able to get rid of some grass that has made a stand in the gardens.  I’m pleased to say that on the right side of this garden there are several Oriental Poppies that have self propagated.  The original plant is still doing well, and it’s given me more volunteers.  Pictures later, when they bloom.

4 thoughts on “The Front Gardens

  1. Your gardens are looking great!

    I was hoping to get out in the gardens this weekend but the brutally hot temps will keep me seeking cooler alternatives.

  2. Thanks, bogie! We had that heat here. I don’t do 80s or 90s well, so if I know we are going to have clear, but hot weather, I try to get out really early in the day. I love working in the gardens as the sun is just starting it’s climb.

  3. I lied – managed to get the vegie garden planted today. Will have to do the mulching next week though.

  4. Good for you! I want to plant one zucchini, and one cucumber, and some spinach. to go along with my two tomato plants. You can see how much faith I have in my veggie gardening! lol Do you plant started plants or sow seeds?

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