Sunday, August 28

I SO wished I had a camera today! I need to get going on shopping for a digital camera.
I’ve been talking off and on about a recipe called “Farmers Tomato Pie.” My youngest sister shared the recipe with me several years ago, and I love it. I make it once or twice a year, but only when tomatoes are at their very ripest.
The recipe has a mixture of Italian cheeses, garlic and tomatoes, baked into a pie crust. Just after you pull it from the oven you sprinkle fresh basil leaves over the top. The house smells heavenly as you bake it.

I was ready to serve dinner from the counter in the kitchen, when Dear Husband said….”You should take a picture of this before we cut into it.” He was right. It was a beautiful presentation. I’d been careful with the placement of the tomatoes as I filled the pie crust, and there was a beautiful swirl of slices circling the top, decorated with thin slices of basil.
Next to it was a spinach/romaine salad. I’d quartered two eggs and placed them around the top, alternating them with miniature pear tomatoes from the garden. I centered crumbled bacon on the top, and set a bowl of feta chunks to the side.
Yesterday, at the Farmer’s Market, I’d picked up a quart of peaches. Two of them had ripened enough to serve tonight, so I sliced them into a small glass serving bowl.
The presentation was lovely. Too bad I’d used up the last of the film.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, August 28

  1. Buffy–Your Dear Husband is a rennaisance man; thus, he poses as an artist at times and as an engineer at others. (It would never have occurred to me to take a picture of your meal, but I’m not a rennaisance woman.) You may tell DH, for me, that one need not make his living as an engineer to be one. He obviously IS one.

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