Last Quilt of 2009

My sister, Frankie, has been working on her first quilt in about fifteen years. She called me one day in late June or early July, to say that she was standing in the middle of a fabric sale, and could I help her figure out how much she needed to buy!?
She decided to do one of Eleanor Burns’ “Quilt in a Day” quilts. This one is the log cabin block. She’s made 24 blocks in shades of turquoise and tan/brown. She wanted to create the idea of sand and waves.
The lovely part of all this is that we have shared the work on the top. Over three visits, I did the sewing, and she pressed the blocks and handed me the next strip to be added. I think if we had had one long day without any obligations, we might have gotten it done, but both our lives are so busy that we had to take a little time here, and a little time there. Frankie gets to assemble the blocks into the top, and add borders. She will also be making a variable binding from the strips that were left over ( you know…..”Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without). We both love saving money and being frugal with what we have.
I’ve really enjoyed this time with my sister. I wish I could have this same experience with all the ladies in my family. Elegante Mother appliqued several things that I quilted, but she is the only other member of the family with whom I’ve collaborated.
I have pictures of the blocks, laid out on the floor in the pattern Frankie liked for her quilt. I need to download them and send them off to her. With a little bit of prompting, perhaps I can get her to post them for you at her blog. And when I get pictures taken of MY last quilt for the year, I’ll post them, too.

4 thoughts on “Last Quilt of 2009

  1. Would it be impertinent of me to observe that six months and counting doesn’t sound like a “Quilt in a Day”? Sue the author!!
    Welcome back to the blogosphere. I was happy not to get the “now where, no how” notice when I clicked on the link to your blog. Better!
    So sorry that I failed to note your EM’s birthday, this year. I’ll send a belated one, to your house, asking that you please complete the delivery.
    May 2010 bring you happiness, contentment, and all good things that you would wish for yourself!

  2. Not impertinent at all! I’ve often thought it was a bit presumptuous to assume that a beginner could create an entire quilt in one day, and this series is aimed at beginning quilters. Frankie’s six month is actually three half days, so it’s not far off the mark time-wise, but she was willing to give me the chance to work with her, so the construction was stretched out. Perhaps we’ll give the author a pass this time, but you can lay in wait for her the next time we commit to one of her books! *G*
    I’m so glad to be back to the blogosphere. I have a note on my desk reminding me that Joy, of “Joy of Six” will be celebrating her birthday on January 14th. We all know how bad I am about remembering birthdays, so I thought I’d remind you to celebrate.
    I’d be happy to be the carrier for EM’s birthday wishes. We love stringing out birthdays!
    Thank you for your best wishes. We hope the same for you and your family.

  3. Um. . . okay this is embarassing. First you send me pictures of the quilt blocks laid out. And I ignored you. (I did, however, show everyone that would stand still long enough the pictures.) Then you called me Saturday and I still haven’t called you back! I really DO love you!!!! I promise to call you this afternoon to give you all my excuses!!!

  4. I figured you were off doing something with the family. I wasn’t worried….yet! lol It was good to hear from you today.

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