Catching Up

I didn’t realize how long it has been since I last posted. My host’s domain was down for a little virus hunt for the past three weeks. I realized we were up and running once more when I began to get spam posts from commenters. It used to be that we had short comments about sex or drugs. Now, I get long paragraphs that don’t make sense. Apparently they’re using their own drugs…
December was busy, just as it must have been for all of you. Dear Husband and I shared the gift shopping, and I did most of the wrapping. I didn’t need to buy any paper, tape, gift labels or decorations. It was a pleasure to use what I had on hand to make really pretty boxes. One large box in particular, for DH, turned out well. I used burgundy paper with a gold tinted wired-edge ribbon. Our daughter-in-law sent the gift directly from the store. I didn’t even open the box, I just wrapped it. When DH opened it Christmas morning, this HUGE box had been used to send a metal air-tight container for the boat that is roughly eight inches tall and six inches wide. It was funny, so I didn’t mind.
Frankie and her family, plus one Danish boy friend and their dog, Sydney, came to us for Christmas. Frankie stopped to pick up Elegante Mother on her way up on Christmas Eve. They arrived in early afternoon, and we tried to stuff them with crab cakes on a bed of spinach with orange aioli, and/or mini burgers with carmelized onions and gouda cheese.
Everyone was with us through Christmas Day. The day after Christmas, the dog, my brother-in-law and my oldest niece needed to return to Indiana. Elegante Mother returned to her condo and caregiver on Sunday mid-day, and Frankie and the two kids stayed until Monday morning.
You can bet the counter was heavy with goodies. We really tried to be conservative in what we ate, but there was a LOT of temptation. I didn’t start making cookies until the week of Christmas, so there were a lot fewer choices to be made, but we tried to hit the family favorites between us. Frankie brought us a copper tub FILLED with the most incredible chocolates you have ever tasted, and DH brought specialty popcorn to add to the mix.
My oldest sister (My Sister The Nurse), her husband, her oldest son and his daughter joined us on Christmas Day. There were 12 of us to dinner. Frankie brought prime rib which she packed in salt to roast, and we did mashed potatoes, green beans, and Caesar salad. I forgot the ribbon jello, so we had it for days afterward! *G* I got rather pushy encouraging my family to HAVE SOME JELLO!!!
Frankie has been working on her first quilt top in easily fifteen years. We worked on it together on Sunday afternoon (more in the next post). The kids went into Chicago to visit Navy Pier and the Museum of Contemporary Art, among other things. We were hit by quite a snow storm the day after Christmas, so I didn’t envy them walking in Chicago. We spent the evenings watching DVDs.
It was a WONDERFUL four days. I really enjoyed having my house filled with family over the holidays. EM adjusted to the busy days, and we were glad to have the chance to celebrate with her. It seems quiet now, in comparison, but we’re taking a few days to relax before we hit January paperwork time.
We hope that you all have a healthy and prosperous 2010!!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Only 12 people at dinner? You must have felt quite lonely. You usually post about the 36 people who joined you. ; )
    It is certainly frustrating when we fail to get part of the meal to the table; but, I suspect that we all do that on occasion (and, some of us more frequently than that!)
    Glad that you and your family had such a wonderful Christmas. Way to top off 2009!

  2. Just twelve. Amazing, isn’t it? It was quite calm, and I had loads of help pulling it all together. It was a lovely way to bring 2009 to a close.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see smaller gatherings in the future. Most of the kids are married and have to make a choice between which of their families they will visit. Their children are just beginning to reach the age where they will marry, and there will be more layers of obligation. It will be interesting to see how we fare as an extended family.
    I hope your Christmas was memorable!

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