June Is Busting Out All Over

I’ll have to post pictures of the gardens at the front of the house.  Between the greens from the daffodils, the early iris in bloom and the volunteer Oxeye daisies, AND the RAIN… everything is looking lush.

I made a second trip to my favorite nursery, and bought the rest of the herbs, three hostas to complete the planting in the renovated (smaller) bed under the pear tree on the front lawn, purple fountain grass for both the sidewalk garden and the east driveway garden, and plants to tie the sidewalk garden and the window well planter together.

Purple, and fuschia petunias, a purple verbena (not the Homestead purple that I love…it was not part of their offering this year), white alyssum, and white snapdragons will be tucked in around the greens from the spring plants and I have a purple sweet potato vine for the well planter.

I bought less this year, but Dear Husband reminded me that I shouldn’t buy more than I am able to get into the ground.  It’s been my mission the past few years not to buy plants and then waste them by not being able to get all my planting done.

I know that it’s June 1…or actually, it’s June 2 now, but I have seed to plant.  I’m running about two weeks late thanks to all the rain we’ve had.  I’ve planted some cosmos and cleome, but I’d like to plant more.  The same is true for dill, but dill really needs to be sown in succession if you want it to be available all summer long.  I have a short tower that I want to put out next to the windows in the garage wall, with Black-eyed Susan vine seeds.  That worked well last year.  And, I’d like to try morning glories on the arch in the east driveway bed.  I’ve had less success with them (not enough watering, I suspect).

Today I planted three more sweet basil plants, bringing the total to 7, two curly parsleys, two flat leaf parsleys, two rosemarys and a geranium, before the rain started.  I should have been out earlier, and kept finding other things to do (NOT QUILTING!).

I moved the geraniums from the office to the protected side of the front entry way.  They get sun for a few hours, and are protected from the heavy rain.  I think I’ll move them to their final home at the end of the week, if they are still doing well outside.  THey will either sit up on the ledge around the well at the dining room window, or on the walk, just below that ledge.  It’s hot and sunny there.  I’ll have to remember to water daily.

Same old, same old.  I could probably have posted one of the spring entries from last year, or the year before that, or the one before that, and it would have said just about the same thing.  I love my herb garden, and I’m looking forward to doing some renovation in the front gardens.  Send me some help! *G*

2 thoughts on “June Is Busting Out All Over

  1. You might be ahead, financially, were you to buy a nursery, Buffy! As to the rain: Last Wednesday, I emptied 2.8″ from the rain gage. Today, 0.8″. It’s hard to get the mowing done. I had to mow while the grass was a bit damp Thursday evening and will probably do the same, tomorrow.

    I should have 1/3 of your energy!

  2. Dear Husband has had the same complaint about the grass and the rain. We spent most of this week caring for our granddaughters, in their home, so there was no opportunity to mow during the week. He spent all morning on the mower, catching up. Tomorrow I’ll have to use the string trimmer around the gardens. We have a brief break in the rain this weekend, and then it will come in again. I try not to complain, because I can remember too many drought years in the recent past.

    As for energy….I think YOU win, hands down. I am amazed by all the heavy lifting you do, and envy you the stamina!

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