For the longest time, I have thought that “Hospice” was an association you called when a member of your family was about to pass away. I think most of us believe that is their function. And, we believe that they provide counseling for the family.
Okay, yes, they provide those services, but I’ve learned that they are a LOT more!
Our lawyer recommended that we contact Hospice, so My-Sister-The-Nurse made the call. In twenty-four hours, Elegante Mother had a new chair that can lift her to her feet, a nursing bed with a table, and a seat for the shower. She had three nurses who oversee her care, who have organized her medications, and a doctor who visits once a month. EM’s caregiver has help bathing EM twice a week, and both a chaplain and a music therapist come once a week. Should she need it, a podiatrist will visit. Hospice provides her medication, and all this is billed through Medicare!
Our caregiver is effusive in her thanks for receiving all this help to care for EM. Em is responding to all the visitors, conversing more than in the recent past, and interacting more with the people around her. The change in her is noticeable, and for the good.
I may have written about this before, but I just can’t say enough about Hospice and their work! I’ve been sharing this with everyone who will stand still long enough to listen to me. This morning I spoke with my exercise class, who are all old enough to need this information. The Hospice chaplain who visits with EM is willing to do a short presentation for her Empty Nesters group at church, another age appropriate audience. But, you don’t have to have retired to need to know this information. If you are caring for a family member, or if a neighbor needs assistance, please make a call to Hospice. They can help in many ways, and you don’t have to carry the burden on your own.

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  1. Ahh yes Hospice is so many things, my dad was on it for 6 months one time and was released, but then back on for almost a year till his death.
    Glad EM is getting the much needed assistance.

  2. I had no idea hospice provided such services. Both my parents are long deceased but it is certainly useful information to pass along. Thanks. I found your blog through Ronni Bennet’s wonderful Time Goes By blog and am enjoying it very much. (I’m a fellow quilter.)

  3. Who knew? I’ll have to pass this info on to some friends of ours who are struggling to care for his mother 24/7 until a spot opens up in a nearby nursing home.
    Glad to hear that EM is responding positively to the additionale attention she is getting!

  4. Janeywan, you know exactly why I want to share this information! It’s a shame to have so many people miinformed about the work that Hospice does, especially when there is such need. I hope things are going well for you. Are you snowed in??

  5. Florence, Welcome, welcome! It’s always fun to have a new visitor, especially one who is a quilter. Bogie’s mother came to stay for several days and we spent much of the time piecing quilt tops.
    I’m sure that Ronni has spoken of Hospice. She does such a fine job with elder issues, and I need to read her blog more often.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Bogie, I really wish I had been paying attention when people told me to look into Hospice. You know how we get an idea in our head and can’t shake it. I was sure we didn’t need Hospice YET…. Was I wrong! I’m SO glad we called them, and your friend will be, too. It’s just too much for one family member to try to oversee 24/7 care of a parent.
    One other thing….it seems that not every Hospice organization has all the same abilities, so it may be worth it, if there is more than one to choose from, to call several to be sure you get the services you need.
    Please tell your friend “Good luck!” from me.

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