Green is on my mind these days.  I was standing at the sink, looking out over the herb garden, and realized that there are little tiny leaves growing around the crowns of the oregano plants.  I’m sure these were growing prior to Christmas, when it was so warm.  We’ve had a cold spate for the past two weeks or so, with temperatures much closer to normal.  I think it’s likely that we’ll loose these tiny leaves, and see another flush of them rise in March or April.  It’s been cold, but they are talking about the possibilities of temps in or near the FIFTIES this coming week.  Weather is very different these days.

I’ve been working on the blocks for a scrap quilt to use in the family room, something that we can curl up in and not have to worry about wear and tear.  I’m using the pattern called “The Missing U” from “Sunday Morning Quilts.”  Each block is 15 x 15.  In each block there is a scrap of white material.  Each block is made from a color family, so there might be 15 fabrics which are all purple or lavender in one block.  I showed the blocks to my quilting bee on Friday, and right away they were down on the floor laying out the blocks.  Of the sixteen blocks, two are lime and one is a sage green.  I said I was thinking about swapping one of the lime for a second purple block, and I was also thinking about removing the sage green block.  “Nope!”  They told me to leave it just as it is.  I have to choose a backing, and get a batting.  I’m looking forward to quilting this quilt!  Pictures later.

We need more greens in our diet!  I need to schedule stir fries, and sub gums, and vegetable soups.  We just don’t get enough greens.  Any suggestions?  I’m going to ask everyone to give me veggie ideas!

And last….I’m green with envy that my youngest sister  was wise enough to go south for a week right after Christmas.  The pictures she posted on Facebook made me long for places where grass is still green, and you can walk around outside without layers and layers of clothing.  We’ll have to see how Dear Husband’s knee is coming.  Perhaps we can get away for a few days in February.

4 thoughts on “Greens

  1. Is now a good time for me to whine about the lack of photos? I looked at some of the blocks online. I like that “pattern”!

  2. I have some pictures I could post, but they are on the computer that is having it’s files transfered so I can’t get to them. As soon as things are back, and squared away, I’ll post what I have from tte first quilt I did, and I’ll be sure to take pictures of these blocks, once they are up on the board. (No whining, please. I’m out of cheese! *G*)

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