Old Dog

I’m an old dog who needs to learn some new tricks.  We finally broke down and bought a MacBook Air which is  fascinating product, but fairly different than the PCs I’m used to.  I’m playing with it for a few days before we take our previous computer to the Apple Store to have the contents downloaded onto the new computer.

Yes, Apple seems to have made it more people friendly, but there is always a learning curve with a new mouse, a new keyboard, a new computer set up.  I’m finding things I need to ask in my first training session, programs I’m accustomed to like the Adobe Flash Player, and how to play disks.  We opted for the one on one sessions to help me learn how to get around the computer a little faster.

The one drawback I didn’t think about before I bought the Mac was that our office computer is  PC, so the two computers will not be able to talk to each other.  My stepson pointed that out, but then he told me I could e-mail things to myself from one computer to the other, and save them.  And, I bought the Microsoft Office for Mac, so that I can continue to use software which I know.

Onward and upward!

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  1. I’m happy for you on your new acquisition! Apple was well ahead of Microsoft in the make-it-user-friendly department – even back in the 1980s. In what fashion did you wish the two to talk to one another? Perhaps your one-on-one session(s) guru can show you how to do whatever it is that appears not to be do-able.

  2. It shouldn’t be a problem switching data between the two if you stick to the same programs (like Office). You might lose some mark up (like for example in a Word document, the paragraphs might be a bit wonky!) but otherwise it should be ok!

  3. Cop Car is correct – it appears on a short Google search that they should be able to be networked and file share fairly easily. Of course I don’t have any real world experiencein that, but I would expect in this day and age for almost any electronic to be able cross-networkable.

  4. Thank you, ladies! I think my present household guru may need some assistance to make the connection, but I’m glad to know that they should be able to connect. I think it’s time to hire someone trained to do this sort of thing, to make the hardware and software agree.

    I bought the Microsoft Office package for the Mac, so that I have the new, updated software. I suspect that’s where I’ll see some minor problems, as the older software and newer software get blended together.

    Note….I got home and realized that the Macbook Air doesn’t have a slot for disks built into it. One of the first questions I’ll have at my lessons is what kind of hardware do they have for this, and what does it cost. I may end up leaving the older computer in place to be able to make disks, and to modify pictures. (I haven’t seen the photo shop part of the Mac yet,)

  5. The fact that there is no optical disk drive is one of the most frequently mentioned shortcomings; but, the work-around if one really, really needs the drive is to connect to a PC that has one or to buy an external optical drive. Again, these things are well known to the pros. The rest of us? Not so much!

    • I asked about an external disk drive, and they said one was available for $79.00 I’m more than a little ticked that I didn’t realize it didn’t have this technology built in. My nieces, who use older versions of the Mac, have the convenience of a disk drive. What genius thought this could possibly be a good idea!? If I had understood that it had this drawback, I might have opted for an inexpensive desktop computer, and and inexpensive tablet, which together would have cost a third of the MacBook Air. That will teach me not to make snap decisions!

  6. You were probably no more shocked at the lack of drive than I was several years ago (when I bought my “cute little” computer – which is still quite cute and little) to learn that it had no modem built in. Technology marches on – trampling some of us along its way.

  7. When i picked up the computer today I commented on the lack of disk drive, and was told that “all most everyone” was downloading things rather than playing them from disks. Of course they are, Apple wants it that way so that they can make more money off downloads and apps and iTunes! I’m a dinosaur…..I still use disks occasionally, so I’ll have to spring for a disk drive. 🙁

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