Gift Wrapping

We have an unusual division of labor at our house for Christmas.  Dear Husband chooses and shops for gifts for his children and our grandchildren, and he frequently chooses the exchange gift for my family’s Christmas party.  I arrange for most of the gifts for those who provide us services, and for the gifts I give to my side of the family.

The one thing I do that DH usually does not do is wrap the gifts.  I started the wrapping this afternoon.  I plan to do a few every day from now to Christmas.  I started with dark green paper with vines in a darker green, and two kinds of gold ribbons.  One of the packages has tiny Christmas tree ornaments nestled into the bow, and the other has red and green jingle bells.

I’d like to choose a theme every year and decorate all the gifts in that theme.  Wouldn’t that look fabulous under the tree as the mound of presents grows? I could choose a different paper for each of our granddaughters to make it easier to hand them out on Christmas Day.  Unfortunately, somewhere the idea breaks down and we end up with a hodge podge of every kind of decoration imaginable.  No one else minds.  Perhaps the idea is just too anal-retentive.  I still may try it one day.

So, the Holiday season can start!

3 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping

  1. Yes, dear, that really IS too anal retentive. *laughing*

    Isn’t it funny how chores are divided up within a household? Whatever works for ones household is great!

    • It IS NOT! lol I’m halfway there, if nobody gets in my way!

      Yeah….I love hearing how we all divide up chores. You and HH are the only couple I know who put it down on paperwork, though.

      We go for coffee after exercise with a group that has several couples in it, and as we’ve gotten to know them better, I’m so very surprised to find how much we have in common…..and how very different we are! lol We all find ways to make relationships work. Dear Husband is willing to let me be me, most of the time. When he has a quietly suggested opinion, I pay attention, because he usually has found a speedier, more direct, streamlined way to accomplish what would take me 24 steps.

  2. Glad you whipped those gifts into smart syncopation!

    What isn’t written down becomes grist for disagreement, later on. HH and I don’t always remember things exactly the same way.

    As to your 24 steps: Wouldn’t that be twice as good as a 12-step program? *grinning*

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