I tried to talk Dear Husband into filling the bird feeders.  I said, “I think YOU should fill the feeders.”  I said it a couple of hours ago, and I said it at 3:30.

We’ve been having one of those lazy couch potato days.  We really should have been out running errands and getting ready for Christmas, but we were being  sloths.  DH had found the movie “Forever Young,” and I sat with him to watch, picking up my crocheting.

A storm is coming in.  There’s a white glow outside, not quite fog, but not yet snow.  I could see the feeders from where I was sitting on the couch, and knew the birds needed one more shot at some food before the weather closed in and the sun went down.

It was peaceful outside.  I could hear chickadees chattering, and there was a squirrel nearby, waiting for me to get out of the way.  I filled the two big feeders, and topped off the finch feeder.  I put down three ears of corn, and re-settled a dried sunflower  head so the squirrels could get to it, but couldn’t drag the entire thing away.

I’m glad I went out, glad for the birds and glad for myself.

5 thoughts on “Birdseed

  1. Isn’t it unusual for your DH to decline the opportunity to do something useful? He must have been feeling less peppy than usual. The birds were thankful that you were up to the task!
    I’m surprised that you can hear the chickadees through your walls/windows, as I believe that you have a rather tightly built house. Unless a red-bellied woodpecker, a blue jay, or a red-shouldered hawk is scolding up a storm, we don’t normally hear anything around here. We have to watch.

    • It is VERY unusual for DH to disregard a request for help. A year or so ago, I found an article that talked about “nagging.” It said that the request of a nagger was not recognized until the third time it was heard. I read that article to him, and we laughed about it, but there are times when I have to ask three times to get a response. Perhaps this was just one of those times. (I’d hate to think that DH thinks I’m a nagger.) At any rate, I was really glad that I went out. It wasn’t horribly cold, and I enjoy doing my bit for the birds.

      I’ll have to see how I phrased the comment about hearing the chickadees chattering. I was outdoors when I heard them. You are right that our house is so tightly built that we can’t hear much of what goes on outside without opening windows.

      When you visited there may still have been a pod of very tall trees off the northwest corner of the house, at the room where we sewed. They died and had to be taken down, and now we have a clutch of choke cherries in their place. The birds love the cover they give, and there’s a regular waiting line in the branches nearest the feeder.

      We had a very good-sized hawk sitting close to the ground north of the feeder. We spent some time trying to decide which species it was, and finally decided it must have been an immature Cooper’s Hawk. He never turned so that we could see his back, so we think we got it right.

  2. Your wording on the chickadees was perfectly clear: it was my mind that was muddled. Sorry, and thanks for not beating me over the head. *cringing while laughing*

    • I can see that I need to set aside some wet noodles for beating you over the head! lol Silly woman!

      Happy Holidays, oh cringing one.

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